Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


It’s actually the other way around. Seasonal format is a much, much safer approach.
Season 2 is coming. Scrapping Season 2 work and working on a completely new game altogether would be a mindblowingly stupid decision.


I think there are much more “gray” levels between “New Season” and “New Game”. After all Absolution and Hitman 2016 are not THAT much different engine-wise.

It might be not too impossible to introduce great changes (and bugfixes I have faith in) into S2 without making it a new game.


Seems like IOI skipped quite a few ETs, #16 is coming next instead of #10.

So the Blackhat was the last for my main acc it seems.

I am posting this here because if we dont skip any other ETs, the last ET #26 will have it’s last days when the E3 is happening.

Sooo… yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess logic behind it is not making too much Paris ETs in the row


Maybe, they dont state that they skip the ETs, but also dont mention to just mix the order.
IO with unclear statements again… :frowning:


We must have faith in them


Anyone else get the feeling…everything’s going to be ok?


Yeah, like, for months


Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be fine in the end :smile:


I think some Square Enix reports already indicated the HITMAN project and IOI were profitable, but a bit demanding on funds and resources.

Additional reading:

In short, by losing IOI, Square Enix actually had to incur a loss… which shows you the kind of hole IOI left behind.

In other news stories it turns out that Square Enix was (is) hoping that a Disney Marvel tie-in video game deal will fill that hole and then some. Square Enix explained later it was not possible for it to invest what was required for HITMAN S2 and S3 and still make the Marvel Video Games.

Speaking of Marvel Video Games, I wonder how that’s turning out. let’s see…

"Do you like our new game?’
“Looks expensive.”


Overall an interesting read, I personally think that they were very reluctant to let them go, as well as Hitman, but business is business unfortunately. Anyone else think IOI can deliver S2 without the large financial backing that SE gave them? Another publisher in the pipeline perhaps?


In this day and age you don’t need a publisher to put a game on Steam or the Xbox or PS4 online store. They might go with a publisher for the physical copy or the game, but otherwise I don’t see why they would.
They seem to be independent and happy about it, and while having a publisher like square enix gave them financial backing, it also took away some of their control, I.e. Giving away Sapienza for free probably wouldn’t of happened under Square Enix


Well, I like to think that everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad, so with the free Sapienza map currently out, I think they are simply trying to get more players until season two is officially released.

But like others said before, I have a feeling season two will be announced at E3


Completely agree, make the potential market bigger by offering free stuff and hopefully some of those new players like Sapienza and buy the full game. Then the next game too.


My other personal feeling is that IOI are missing that slick marketing push that SE did so well in the run up to S1. The trailers have lost some of their punch and announcements that used to appear a bit curious due to the game’s unusual configuration are now outright confusing.

What SE managed to do between HITMAN ABSOLUTION and then promoting HITMAN 2016 is comparable to WB having to promote BATMAN BEGINS in an effort to make fans forget about Joel Schumacher’s BATMAN & ROBIN.

I’m sure more than a few of us have HITMAN today due to that effort.

There is also that mess in the different storefront systems such that we now have some threads about the game not being installed properly after people try to get the full version from whatever kit they had at the start.

So asides from S2 I am hoping IOI improve their release and marketing execution.


We already got (roughly) three brilliant avengers games (the Lego ones), so I’m looking forward to this


If that’s the case I hope they remain independent didn’t know the full extent, but if its as you say they may possibly go for a digital release only for S2?


I’m not even hyped any more. And I’m not even thinking or feel joy that at E3 they will announce something.
It’s like I don’t care after season 1. Some how I still find joy in playing the old games. From time to time I restart a marathon from Codename 47 trying to recreate the same sensation I had from when I played them the first time.


To be honest, the lack of news is killing me. There’re no confirmations from the devs except this one

Still, I am hoping for the best.


I hope season 2 is happening