Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


There’s been a lot of threads popping up in the technical support section. In fact there seems to be more coming in almost everyday. My guess is IOI is working to try and avoid the same issues with season 2, which might be why we haven’t heard anything as of late.


I’m still putting all my money on an announcement during E3

If not, then i’ll take a step back and only play the classics. This is getting kinda boring :confused:


I think I have enough with the teases. Just some info pls.


I hope.

I want them to take their sweet time with it.

Besides I won’t be buying it no way until they give out their preorder bonuses for free a year or so after release.


Isn’t that logical? We knew that already from the last E3 or figure it out at least.





They have weekly meetings each friday, this is nothing special. No hypes.


It could be about contracts mode, seeing as Travis, (I think), asked what we would like to see. Just a wild guess, but Season 2 info would be very nice.


Still the meeting is a regular thing. But as we are speculating, Travis ‘closed’ the feedback thread one or two weeks later than he was aiming to. So maybe there was a reason for closing it a few days ago, maybe like entering a next stage of evaluating the ideas and starting to work on them.


…but like… What if we get some kind of update between now and summer, or between now and “Season 2”? Or can we expect that any addition to the game at all, except bug fixes, etc., is going to cost, at least until after “Season 2”?


the only thing ur gonna get is a picture of hakan abrak holding money bags after liquidating IO


I’m saving all your posts for when they do release season 2


be my guest. i like a good roast :wink:

but cant promise i’ll still be alive when that day comes


To be fair, it has been depressing reading many of the forum’s users posts from 2 years ago, where everyone’s all hopeful and such, but then it’s now and there’s barely any news for new content.

Either way, this game is still my go to game when I’m bored and I’m very much in love with it. It’s the blood money I always wanted (with no blood detection or customization, but hey)


True it is almost heartbraking how some people hoped for Season 2 even some months after the Hokkaido release. I guess if nothing new comes up on the E3, some here will put their most optimistic hopes on the E3 the year after.


Speaking of E3, do we know when the next one is? I may be an idiot when asking this question, but I still have no idea when it actually is


Google says: 12th to 15th of June.


Wikipedia has info on the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) and has dates on when the next convention starts, and where it starts:

And there’s also info on PAX:


That’s weird. I also ask google and it said 12 - 14 June.


The problem… is the month.