Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


E3 always takes place in June. I also think it’s silly that there is no season 2 news apart from a confirmation. October 2018 will mark 2 years since Hokkaido’s release and apart from a few costumes, minor weapons and map tweaks, we havent got something major except for the super duper ultra definitive platinum edition of hitman all caps tm.


Eh I might have wrote it off wrongly, edited my post.


Guys IO signed with a new publisher: Warner Bros.


Pretty sure that you’re ten days late


Yeeeees of course im not into video games world, i just care about hitman… And i have a life and 350.000 things more important than this, just i saw ten days ago about the definitive edition but i didnt read it cause i have the full goty season1 so i miss this dettail im sorry. :kissing_heart:


It’s been longer than I realized. I’m agitated all over again! angry-dude


What? No, I meant 10 days late for april fools day. Though after some googling I see that this is actually real… So thanks for enlightening me I guess :grin:


Something to note (not sure if anyone else has noticed) but IOI has managed to hire a decent amount of people from around Jan-March 2017 to now.




This probably isn’t new news for anyone, but its nice to see how IO-I are gearing up for the next installment of HITMAN. :slight_smile:


Wonder if they had to pay for an intro pack considering the circumstances…

Lol in all seriousness, glad to see them gaining people. It’s always sad seeing companies that never get new employees. Remedy is another great company who has been trying to hire for a while now.


Was just watching trailers from two years ago, wants me to see more this year. We’ve been waiting for so long for new story missions and maps and we’re still going. We only got Patient Zero, but those are only four reskins. We know IOI can do it, but it takes so long. I really hope we hear some more at E3.


There’s so many other good games releasing/already released this year.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • God of War
  • Red Redemption 2
  • Far Cry 5

Just to name a few. I’m aiming to immerse myself in other games. It’ll take my mind off Season 2, which will undoubtably make the time pass much faster.


Is a Flop

Has a short campaign so I heard (will play it as soon as I get a free copy)

Is too far away

Takes like 2 days to fully complete.

This isn’t going to hold me to E3 let alone HITMAN launch


Is a really great game that I would say puts titles like Skyrim to shame, it just happens to be in a very buggy state. It also sold fairly well, I would call that game far from a flop.

Red Dead is too far away and the other two look boring, but Kingdom Come is legit.


From the promises they made on Kickstarter, it didn’t meet the backer expectations and has kicked up a lot of controversy.


I couldn’t care less about kickstarter stuff, the game is just like nothing I’ve ever played and it is a disservice to call it a flop without really knowing what you’re saying.


It wouldn’t even be here without it being a Kickstarter. They chose to post a video of what they envisioned to the backers and what would be the end result. For $300,000. They received (triple?) the amount and it didn’t come out as promised. That’s a disservice to the people who believed in them.


Whenever a game releases from kickstarter backing there’s always people who get mad that things changed over the course of development, like what they were shown was some cast in stone guarantee and if anything is different by release it must be a betrayal to the wonderful people who were generous enough to give their hard-earned cash. I like call these people ignorant, entitled and arguably stupid. The game released, and it’s quite good beyond the bugs.


When you’re asking for support and especially money, you pitch an idea and meet the expectations of what you’re pitching for return of support in form of money. Just like a studio to a publisher, however the shady part of Kickstarter, is that is runs as a “pledge/donation” while Publishers to studios have a formal contract. The projects on Kickstarter don’t even have to do the project which is why they can get away with it without any legal repercussions. Just like Greenlight. While things are to subject to change, they don’t and didn’t inform the backers of this. Nor disclose this information at all, now riding on lies to keep the money rolling in.

So if I was told I could get 10 apples and then after I paid, given 5 and told “well things change”. That makes me ignorant and entitled? LMAO. I still got my apples right…

According to them Motion Capture and an AI dog are the same price… 100k for an AI dog. Yeah totally not a con…


lol you’re calling this game a con because of some kickstarter goal bullshit? The people that made this game love it and put everything they had into it, and they continue to do so. How about you try playing the game instead of getting mad over some second-hand horseshit. If you care enough, here’s a very interesting documentary on the making of the game.


I’m stating they promised a very big feature. Chose not to do it and not tell anyone until they find out in the game. It is dishonest no matter how much anyone’s opinion on the game is. Whether or not the game is “good or not” doesn’t change the fact they lied to get money. It ruins other future devs as it brings Kickstarter yet another mistrusted project. All they had to do is disclose this but they chose not to. And it doesn’t matter if it was one backer who relied on the sole selling point, it’s false advertising.

It’s an average game at most according to critics and players (69 on metacritic). You call false advertising and lying “second-hand horseshit” and trying to defend it. No wonder the industry can rip people off with MXTs and other crap.

Don’t Starve announced that the packaging is wrong on the case before people choose to purchase it. Prison Architect was honest every single update and worth every penny.