Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


This reminds me so much of the bullshit that people said about Hitman throughout 2016, the same people that never bothered to play the game. I guess I gravitate towards games that people love to hate for some reason?


You’ll find I retain my words regarding HITMAN from release to now. You’ll see across this forum. I gave it’s positives and negatives with no bullshit simple as that. I then provide examples in game and reason why to validate my point (as I have done with this convo).

You think I haven’t played HITMAN… lol. I really wouldn’t start if I was you :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever heard of don’t fix what’s not broken? Why criticise a positive if there’s nothing wrong. Hence why I criticesed the controversy and the fact of their lies. If you’re blind to it, then I can’t help you.


I was referring to other people that didn’t play Hitman, you haven’t played Kingdom Come. You missed my point somehow lol.

Here let me put it into simple terms:

The things that you say about Kingdom Come appear to me as a parallel to what uninformed people said about Hitman. Also I haven’t paid attention to your posts so I have no idea what your positives and negatives on Hitman were.


I don’t need to play a game to know about the failed promises lol. It’s like saying I have to be in Parliament to have any knowledge or understanding on parliamentary proceedings. Do I require to play NMS to know Sean Murray’s lies?

It sold 1 million.


You’re attacking the game for marketing reasons, and not ones you came upon through actual gameplay. You see my point about parallels?


Because it’s not just marketing, it’s a big selling point of the game. It’s actual mechanics of the game that are missing.

As long as this was placed upon their crowdfunding page and were given money for said promise. And didn’t say anything to anyone until they found out after they bought the game, it’s blatant lying.


It’s obvious that development was difficult, you still can’t say this game was a flop or a con with good standing because you don’t know anything about the release product. I have a number of positive and negative things I could say about the game, can you do the same without referencing kickstarter? Here’s what I can say about quality, since you brought up NMS. I was quite excited for NMS, bought it on release and found it to be an embarrassing disappointment. I was excited for KCD, bought it on release and it exceeded my expectations and at one point around the 30-hour mark made me say out loud “I’m embarrassed for Bethesda right now.”

All you can say is that some kickstarter goals weren’t reached, you can keep getting mad about something you don’t understand or you can accept that you don’t know anything about this game.


Whoa Nelly.

I wasn’t trying to claim they’re the best games ever. They’re just games that I’ve personally enjoyed playing or am looking forward to playing.

The general gist of my post was to say that you can put your time and and focus into other games while you wait for Hitman Season 2.


This is why the industry get away with this. And why I myself could never pledge to a kickstarter, because it’s not legally bound to an agreement unlike publishers. If development was difficult, why not come out and update the backers, the people who believed in you and paid up front for an idea? Let them know not only because they are your income, but as common courtesy. Because people would drop. It doesn’t matter if 1000 people or 1 person was wanting that, they pitched this to them and that could have been the sole reason for their donation.

People were falsely advertised cut it anyway you like. I am referencing the reason why it has kicked up a lot on controversy which has impacted their figures. There’s a reason people have made a thing of this. Because they were lied to.

I’m not mad because I saved my money lol. What you’re failing to understand is the fact of the lies. No more no less white knight

Yeah I didn’t mean to come across serious :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with you that we have some good stuff to do in the meantime but we need more… a lot more lol.


yeah… I feel similar now as well. It’s starting to feel like IOI have really missed having a big backer to keep the shopfloor rolling.

i mean… You have to remember that Square Enix had them exit because they actually cost enough to prohibit them from taking on Marvel AAA video game projects.

Related to this, I was a bit distressed to hear a number of IOI devs had broken off between 2016/2017 to make their own game. It looked like they should have been really busy… so reduced headcount wasn’t something I was expecting to read about.


You still can’t say the game is a flop, the amount of people who care about the kickstarter thing are minimal. The game is being received fairly well by players beyond the already healthy sales numbers, if you want something else to play that’s not Hitman right now this is a good choice imo.


From the amount of returns I get states otherwise lol. And well it’s over 10x the amount of backers looking at the video views. It has brought out the truth and diminishes the developers and rightly so. Looks like it can be done in a week or so.

We should get back on topic


Not to be rude to anyone here, but might it be smart to move this discussion to “what videogames are you playing”, or something like that? Then we can get back to talking about season 2


Yes because a local sample size reflects an entire playerbase. But yes, back on topic.


KDC set like the record for best selling indie game or something did it not? what are you smoking?


I seriously doubt it considering Minecraft exists along Hotline Miami. Pretty sure Devolver sold 1.7 million + of HM.


But Hotline Miami has been out for 5+ years already. I believe the record Kingdom Cime set might be for the quickest selling indie game.


@GTAJJ: Kingdom Come: Deliverance was nominated for Best RPG at the Games Critic Awards 2017 and Best PC game at Gamescom 2017. It went on to win the award for Best PC game. It sold over 1 million copies within the first two weeks. Regardless of it being a game you would not want to play yourself, to say it is a flop is not really accurate, is it?


maybe theres indie games that sold more.

but to call this a flop is damn preposterous


For real. I got a boner upon seeing 26 in blue after the thread’s title