Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


I don’t think anyone can top Minecraft in indie sales at all.

Best PC game. That’s not hard let’s be honest lol. You’re all missing the point. COD AW was a flop and it sold 21 million copies. Whether or not anyone’s personal opinion on the media. I play Metal Gear Survive, I think it’s a good game and doesn’t deserve the criticism because majority of hate is false information. It’s a well rounded game, that’s not buggy, and performs really good (thanks to FOX Engine). It’s sold half a million copies. That’s doesn’t mean I’m not going to admit that it’s a flop despite whether or not I enjoy the game.

My sole point is that the devs lied to their backers and never disclosed the truth to them so they ensured they got more money. No one knew about the lies until the game was in their hands to see for themselves. How many of them sales are ridden off lies? What would the sales really be if the truth was disclosed. I’m not criticising the mechanics of the game, I’m criticising the devs for being liars to the very people who supported and trusted them. Next time go to a publisher. I’m a consumer, not a funder.


Well for Square Enix HITMAN was a flop. So whether or not a game is a flop isn’t solely based on sales but also expectations.

Anyway, I want to believe that the announcement of the Super Ultra HITMAN Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha Prime is a good thing and that there’s going to be a new Hitman (or a Season 2) published by Warner Bros.




Do we really need to keep re linking to Matsuda’s statement and the interview?

The facts are:

  1. By removing HITMAN and IOI from the group, SQUARE ENIX slid into a LOSS for the year.

  2. Matsuda explained that they could not afford to keep HITMAN while simultaneously agreeing to a deal with Disney to make high budget Marvel video games adding that the decision to lose HITMAN was very difficult.


Now that’s not to say they wouldn’t have held on to HITMAN if it made a bajillion dollars. But let’s face reality. No Hitman game was ever a super colossal hit in the league of COD or Overwatch.


Ugh, @ampburner or @Jarbinger (which ever one hasn’t left, I can’t remember), could you please get rid of all the utter nonsense here? It’s becoming a wee bit annoying how this is still going, and it’s barely even HITMAN related.


Don’t be so mad. There isn’t much to talk about anyway


It is though a visual representation of the effects resulting from the lack of a solid predictable roadmap as well as the lack of constant updates and news.

So in some way it is kind of related in a meta sort of way.


What are the chances that there hasn’t been some significant change to the core of the game if they’ve gone this long before announcing anything about work that was said to be half-finished last year? What’s the likelihood of an E3 announcement and/or 2019 release date for just more maps with same core mechanics as they are now?


No idea. At one hand the game needs some core updates, especially bugs. At the other hand this might ruin cross-compatibility of the progress you made in S1.

Btw IOI did a cryptic tweet yesterday they deleted shortly after:


I just saw that on Reddit. Almost reads like a QAnon post. Haha. I also saw that on their most recent financial statement, it was said/implied that “Hitman Season 2” would be released in fiscal year 2018/2019, which just started. There was also an article posted on Screenrant earlier today saything that rumors are that they might be working on an all-new standalone game.


Yea I posted the financial report there :stuck_out_tongue: I still believe that one more than this weird standalone rumor.


Some sort of ultimate Edition from the mobile Sniper game for consoles?


A football stadium mission would be awesome. With all that shops and crowds around it!


I dunno I never was into stadiums as locations, they are pretty burned out in games.


Not in Hitman games. Every location can be fun, when IOI lays a hand on it. (except snowy Japan).


The mobile one is called just Hitman Sniper without the word “assassin”. That’s likely to be the new Sniper Challenge for Season 2


That would indeed be cool. Imagine we need to kill the captain of the team and you have plenty of ways killing him at the stadium when not playing the game, but you can also kill him while the match is going on. Imagine running onto the field and stabbing someone to death, or sniping the target. It could work out, unless it tends to terrorism. You can kill a lot of people in a football stadium.


That would be nice. But my guess is that it’s just the mobile game with a new trademarked name.


- A message from IOI mentions football
- Everybody gets hyped for a Hitman mission in a stadium
- Instead IOI releases an items pack that includes a football uniform and an exploding football
- Angry crowd of Hitman fans burns down IOI’s headquarter


I never saw a message from IO about football, we’re just brainstorming here

But that sure is something IO would do :smile: