Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Could it be something?


A code? Maybe mission locations or name of targets?

Anne and Rasmus or Anne Rasmus

Baby Bio is a cinema center


Second one looks quite explicit. First one… Well if this is our target I fear S2 wont be available in my country. :grin:


The first one might suggest that a mission will take place during a live show of some band.


First one might be a concert, second one might be assassination of a celebrity at a movie premier, but that’s very similar to The Icon, so chances are less.


The second may very well be the cinema itself. Something like Curtains Down but in a slightly different setting


How about… IOI web PR guy was actually trying to describe his plans for the weekend but had the wrong account open?



All this waiting is terrible but on the bright side IO have been working on 6 locations(or more, just a guess), 6 fully rendered cutscenes and some new features(Hakan Abrak said there will be franchise firsts) for such a long time :smiley: So at least they are taking their full time and exploring every option available and not rushing like they had to do with SE which gives me the feeling Season 2 will be the best thing in the world!


Anyone else hyped for the definitive edition? I know its only 3 more disguises, but in a brand new shiny box! :joy:


I don’t know about hyped, but my OCD wants those new suits so I can have a “complete” game
Plus its IO and I don’t mind giving them my dolla bills


I’m only hyped because after this edition there won’t be another one, but season 2. I hope to see a first map in the summer


Hitman sniper assassin edition incoming


If there are new contents I am happy, even if it isn’t season 2


I am still patient and want them to take their sweet time.

Anytime I get the itch I just install a level from the first season and then I am cured.

Besides I won’t be pre ordering or buying the game when it first comes out no way. I gotta do a youtube review first-and then wait until the free levels come out and the final definitive master edition comes out.

Sheesh I may not play a new hitman level for at least another 5 years.
And I’m cool with that


New addition to the collection, I think the summer is optimistic, autumn/winter time.


Srping 2019 very high


So when does Hitman sniper assassin GOTY edition come out? And what about Hitman sniper assassin definitive edition?


You could be right. Maybe Season 2 will come when all ET will be reactivated. But I want to be optimistic


I’m waiting for the Definitive Deluxe Gold Edition which comes with an additional ICA distraction coin. Unless I get it, my Hitman experience will never be complete!


I wouldn’t mind getting Sniper Assassin maps as working HITMAN 2016 maps.