Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


Haha, now that would be some edition, IOI 21st Birthday maybe? :joy:


lmao this thread has devolved into one of the greatest shit post threads in HMF :joy:

I love how deep people are looking into this when it looks like someone literally did a control+v :thinking:


Desperate time, you know what im sayin. We have no patience so we start going crazy.


Did I ever tell you…the definition of…Insanity?
Insanity is…waiting…for the same season’s news or updates…over and over again…thinking that some news…is going to pop up. That is…insane.


No seriously,this lack of news is killing me. If we had…just one little piece of news. A rumor. HELL EVEN AN HINT TO ONE OF THE LEVELS LOCATION. Please


Only one month left till E3. Stay strong.

If we don’t get any season 2 news then, I will kill myself. /kappa


I’n holdind as hard as I can man,I’M TRYING Q_Q




Everybody waiting on season 2 and I’m just here waiting for Hitman: Liquidation… see yall in a month


Floor plans for E3 are available:

Don’t see IOI with a booth, but Warner Bros. Interactive is on the floor and IOI partnered with them for the Definitive Version.



Well IO is not big enough for an own stand, so this is not helping too much. But I see Warner Bros in the list and they tied some strings in the recent past.


IO wasn’t registered even at E3 2015, i checked it a while ago. Still, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


That gives some hope :smiley:


Also it wouldn’t be SA if there was evidence.


A trailer,no,a TEASER would be enough to keep me going for a little while.


I’m sure we’ll see something from IO.
They said more news would be coming in 2018.
If E3 is not a good chance to share them then I don’t know what is.

But tbh I’m cool as long as I know they are working on it.
Making levels that are better than Paris or Sapienza is quite a challenge and something that surely takes a lot of time.


My hypothesis

Something said at E3 , maybe a new trailer during the PS4 conference about Season 2, launching later this year.
I don’t expect any game releases from IO at least for 4 months after E3, due to promotion and advertising that has to come with any game.
IO historically has said something about Absolution and Hitman2016 during these conferences, even if they didn’t have a booth on the expo floor.
Something either/also said about Hitman Sniper Assassin also at E3. either a new game entirely or the subtitle for season 2 (though i hope its not a loot-crate, micro-transaction mobile spin-off)


man i seriously hope that after ALL THIS WAIT, E3 wont just have a sniper challenge showcase. I’d love to see some locations or atleast a demo of one of the locations, a release date etc. Its really strange that IO hasnt even made a single teaser for season 2, atleast a lil bit of hype and audience building is necessary.


considering that playstation got the sarejevo six pack, it’s very possible that the next game could be presented at their conference presser… that is, if the pact is still intact, and wasn’t tied into the square enix thingy… or maybe they just drop by booths like IGN, and present what’s happening… who knows lol, perhaps they’re still not ready to release a trailer, but maybe information instead…


will season 2 maybe be out this year?