Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


So far, we can answer this question with a crystal clear maybe.




why so cynical tho


Forgive the explicit imagery but he masturbates at the thought of IOI going out of business going by the last few posts.


Id alpreciate it if u stopped imagining me masturbating. sick


cus its hilarious. so many panties in a bunch




To anyone tuning into this thread for the first time, let me spare you from reading over 900 posts with the following summary:

We don’t know anything about Season 2, if it’s still being called that.

All we can apparently do is entertain ourselves with predictions and wishful thinking, which is still better than nothing. At least this keeps the optimist inside us alive.


Yeah, the legend tells that the author of this topic (@hitman93) is still waiting for information about season 2.



You have saved me a lot of time, suprisingly this is the first time i enter this thread.


i think it would be clever to announce something before or after E3, so it wont be overshadowed by all the big games getting announced.

there is too much silence from Io - come on Io, give us a little tease, a Screenshot, Concept Art or something else, just to keep us interested!


If there is no season 2 news I can put more time into earning some C-Bills for that Thunderbolt 9S in MWO.


Fingers crossed, I’m dying for some new Hitman news. I know it will probably be an episodic release again but I’m kind of hoping for a full disc release with an entire story on it exactly like Silent Assassin and Contracts etc.


Well we do know that IOI is aiming to release it in the ‘late’ current fiscal year which is from April '18 to March '19.

That info is from November last year from IOI’s financial report.


I know it’s an old post, but just reading the part about 2018 made me laught so much. Now, in 2018, we can hope that they release or at least announce something. But I’m with Urben, I think we get some Season Two between April 2018 and March 2019.


Travis tweeted this. Read into it what you like. I think it says “something”.
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Yeah i liked Lost in Space as well.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up until after E3 is done and gone personally.


Agent 47 confirmed for Lost in Space S2??!



@immadummee47 maybe someday ?