Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)


This is hype worthy


I can’t wait :heart_eyes:! I hope they release first missions as soon as possible


They are likely starting the add campaign for season 2 soon, i’m quessing a month or 2


I’m so hyped I could have got an heart attack right now. Then, I opend the tweet. I’m not sure what to think now, but if he is playing with us I’m going to kill someone with a duck, I swear!


Maybe just go to Japan to relax, I hear it’s great this time of year. Just watch out for bald looking dudes.


womp i guess they’re not liquidating? lol


That’s already an old tweet lol


I just saw, yes. But where is the post from IOI? There is nothing on their official twitter. Or is this a joke I’m not getting?


It’s a bad joke made with paint. But maybe one day it will happen, who knows :no_mouth:


Oh god!!! Thought it was real at first :joy:


I said it, if someone plays with me I go murder someone with a duck! Do you play HITMAN on PC?




I hope you rot in hell.



Since we started talking about Season 2, it’s the first real sign I really see. Travis wrote ‘I like this tweet’. He can’t be trolling.


Why are we still here?Just to suffer?


Four weeks full of teaser incoming.

And Travis is wearing a FC Bayern tricot. I’m so proud of him.



Inb4 it’s just Travis expressing his love for Lost in Space getting a Season 2 while IO still has nothing. :joy:


These contracts I’ve lost … won’t stop … hurting.

I am looking forward to HITMAN - Season Two during the Xbox press conference though. I mean … it has to be shown at Microsoft, right? They don’t have anything to show.


Maybe this time our Microsoft boys will hook the Xbox players up with some exclusives,give me a reason to expand beyond my ps4 and my pc.