Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Anybody figured out anything about the fingerprint?

I scanned the fingerprint and I know it’s about Sierra who is 5 “11” (:smirk:) and likes a tire iron.


Too specific to be uselful

For real? How do you scanned it?

Come on, it’s a joke. If you look at the trailer I copied the information…


I guess you haven’t seen the video IO posted.


This text will be blurred

Sadly no, i live in a third world country with a terrible internet.

It basically reveals all the intel I just told you by removing some black bars.


is it 6pm EST? or 6pm GMT?

Twitter says 10am website says 6pm?

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correct counter here


Thanks, But what timezone?

EST with summer time/daylight saving , it will be tomorrow 7pm here in Norway.

Something that occurs to me is that if they are marketing the new game as Hitman 2 rather than Season 2, they’ll need a new short tutorial mission for new players to replace Freeform Training and The Final Test. The racetrack mission being hinted seems like a good candidate to me. Firstly, because only one target has been advertised to us so far, and secondly, because I have an easier time imagining a smaller one-target racetrack map than a large and interesting racetrack map.

If the racetrack map is a smaller tutorial-style map, then I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that they’ll release it early to whet appetite for the full game. I think this is unlikely. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility.


Thanks, that makes it 6pm UK time then


I think in an episodic release that might not apply though, as the content can become part of the marketing push — like when Sony announced PT at the end of a press conference with something playable and ready to download.

Given the messaging of the IOI’s tweets have taken — “New target in 48 hours” — I’d expect them to have something ready to launch. My hunch is that it’ll be a level that’s smaller in scope, like the training levels in the current game, and it’ll be free and ready to play, leveraging the press conference and announcement to get new & old players in.

I think this is the reason why it will be called Hitman 2…Hitman 3, etc.

Less people would want to spend 180 bucks on Hitman thinking it would just seasons. In their minds it would be like paying triple for 1 game. Calling it Hitman 2 would allow newcomers to enjoy it or veterans to continue on from Season 1 itself.


Thats a really good point. I mean, there are so many games outside with stories tied together, when you have to play all games at once if you want to know everything. Assassins Creed 1 - 3 for example, each game can be played alone, but you only understand the big story behind it, if you played all 3. Of five if you count Brotherhood and Revelations. Well, I hope it’s season 2 we are talking about here to be revealed. I really don’t care that much about locations, gadgets, weapons or story to be shown tomorrow, nor the target. What I care are two major things I better see tomorrow; is it season two, and does it release on PC too. Thats all I want to hear. I mean, thats all we wanted to hear for one and a half year!

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For once I’m actually excited after a long time. But I’m not getting my hopes high.
I really hope it’s going to be a trailer, but I’m also expecting that it’s going to be just a lame elusive target.

And if will see the Blackballer @HiddenValleyLover I’m going to scream like the little girl I am inside


I really hope this game feels like a new Hitman game and not just new levels. A change of tone etc. would be highly welcomed.