Season 2 confirmation thread


We kinda did:

@Travis_IOI posted this 1 day ago, understandable this is all he could say.


This does make me think like even SE is not sure yet how to move forward.



And thinking about when we hear any news. Even ,drop in sea" of those what really comes about Season 2 or know it comes soon or not.


No!! This makes nonsense!! This can’t be happening :open_mouth:

Hitman is finally being back and won lots of awards with that sequel, i don’t understand Square Enix decision…WTF Square Enix ><

That game totally deserves a season two!!

What about the briefcase? The story? Multiplayer? I wanna see all that stuff happening!!

And not on the hands of somebody else than IOI of course!!
With all my fan support, cheers and good luck for the next guys <3


There’s no reason to write the exact same post in two threads.

Btw these are old news and everyone knows about it.


Could it be Season 2?

This also :heart_eyes:


If they talk about the elusive target it must be one hell of a good one, cuz why would they be like this about an elusive.

Better be season 2 you hear IO, it better be season 2…


Obviously the next ET, looking at the picture. Maybe something additional, but the rule is to keep expectations low people. Just so that we avoid having to dig up the pitchforks every time.


It has to be something in relation to Season 2 surely? The final ET can’t create that much hype


This is something beyond the new ET.

“It’s not only this week that’s exciting…”

Something for the future. And since Torben is involved - it may be something about new ETs during the hiatus, redeployment of the old ETs or even Season 2.


Whatever it is, everyone needs to cool their jets and wait for the update.
This forum is super skilled at raising expectations beyond all reasonable levels and then being pissed at IO for not delivering on said expectations.


I have a huge feeling it will be Season 2 :blush: Please IO :grinning:


It’s a part of the game


It’s the ET guys. The freaking picture is an ET picture.


It we didn’t speculate this forum would be a quiet place!


Everything about the future of HITMAN makes me happy. :heart_eyes:


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Speculation is fine. It’s the absolute shitstorm that arrives every time a hint about something “exciting” turns out not being the briefcase (or whatever) that bothers me.


I genuinely can’t tell if Travis is trolling or confirming your suspicions. For now at least we must wait and see…