Season 2 confirmation thread


Yeah I hope so. Knowing IO It’s about a challenge pack with a reskin unlock. But, the time will learn it :crossed_fingers:


look at travis twitt! im an optimistic m8!


Like many have said, hopefully its something real juicy on S2, I cant knock them for there teasing though, keeping us on edge keeps us excited!


Just to lower the expectations of you guys:

Travis isn’t talking about the announcement of season 2. He is talking about the long awaited mariokart rematch between him and me.


Didn’t you teased us in your stream yesterday? I didn’t understand you, you were just brabbling about something “we will understand then” :stuck_out_tongue:


everything points to great things, dont you agree? first i was scared we could be done, now im really optimistic :wink: every twitt we got gets better and better thank god haha



I hope for you it doesn’t disappoint or you end up crying yourself to sleep with all the optimistic posts :smile:

I hope it’s season 2 and I hope you’re right, it’s about time by now.


I bet it will be a ugly Deus Ex skin you get for mastering every Lv5 escalation


Theres just too many hints now lol. wish he would just announce or say nothing at this point


Travis said alot of IO-I members are in vacation right now. I dont think they’l blow the bomb when many are not at their desk.


Yes, real talk sounds to me like it is about season 2 and not about challenge pack or a new bonus mission.

Agree, we have to wait to sometime in august i think.


But it sounds like “good things coming together” and “real talk” refers to two different things. So one might be a new Challenge pack and the other being s2 which we’re all really waiting for (i.e. ‘Real’ talk)


This gif makes me dream about a level inspired to Breaking Bad :rofl::joy: 47 vs Heisenberg. Would be awesome!


Was just watching all the cutscenes again. Season 2 can get quite interesting. But the long wait man, damn. I have to say, IO is good at keeping their mouth shut, but this is killing me. Don’t you guys have that, that you wanna know what kind of people we get to kill in what levels. Thinking about stuff that could happen like a dark politic kind of mission or a freaking crazy one like The murder of crows. All we have now are the missions we’ve played a 100 times by now. It’s time for something new, and really cool!

Ps. Anyone else hoping for no bonus missions in S2 but just 9 story missions instead?


Just wanted to share my take on this, as I’ve now seen many posts from you. It looks like you, like many, are ultra-hyped on the arrival of Season 2! :slight_smile:

There being no news yet on Season 2 is making everyone disquiet, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. In the meantime, my advice/suggestion is to use this waiting time to play other games or do anything you’ve wanted to (but postponed) before.

It’s also wise to keep (y)our expectations moderate. It’s always good to have a healthy dose of expectation and hype, but too much could be overkill, leading to restlessness on a daily basis, and possibly disappointment at a later point. That being said, I am sure IO-I shall be doing their best to provide a great experience for all of us, and I believe that this waiting period only helps them better achieve that.


I’m just done waiting you know. What I really liked is that we were speculating in this thread about what places we would visit and who we get to kill from all the clues in-game. Dialoge, magazine covers, city names appearing in an interesting place. I remember we went crazy when this one was discovered:

I think now everyone is just done with it. We speculated about everything and we waited long enough. I’m hoping for the announcment in august, but I won’t get my hopes up for my own sake.


Just imagine, 9 maps? Awesome!!


Depends on the quality of the maps tbh.

6 maps with Paris/Sapienza quality > 9 maps of colorado quality


I have to disagree with you there, Colorado was fantastic. I just want a hotel level this isn’t so restricted as Bangkok was.


Colorado was fantastic? How? Really curious what you would call a map like Paris then