Season 2 confirmation thread


that is a god damn tragedy


No one wants IOI to rush Season 2. We just want ANY kind of information on it! A little tease. Anything! XD


So when Travis said they would have something exciting to talk about in August, that was just more bullshit?


I think he meant the player curated featured contracts.


Meh. I’ve had more exciting takeaway menus pushed through my letterbox. :neutral_face:


dont forget the “truly exciting news” they’re sacrificing a meaningful update in september to prepare :sweat_smile:


That is some mayor bullshit. Was Travis drunk or something? Building up a hype and giving us the regular shit is not how it works…


Curated featured contract is a new concept, not strange at all to call that exciting.

But as always, this forum gets hyped up about little stuff like that, and comes up with crazy expectations themselves, and then people are annoyed that it doesn’t live up to their own expectations.

It’s like this forum will never learn.


Well they are talking a bit too excited about the curated contracts tbh. “Some very excited things are a about to happen” sounds to most people like S2 is gonna drop. How are they gonna announce S2 if allready make this big of a deal with some contracts? Make a TV spot, put it in all the newspapers and driving throught Denmark screaming S2 will drop?


And that is the problem i was referring too. People coming up with their own expectations based on nothing.

This big of deal? They said it was exciting news, which it is, especially for mendie. As for how they would announce it, they would just say S2 is coming.

You guys are reading way too much into stuff and then get dissapointed because they don’t live up to your expectations.

It’s the same damn thing with every announcement or whatever. Last challenge pack? Some people: Oeh the reward must be the briefcase. When they announced pro mode? Some people: Oeh look, 2 golden guns, this must mean double wielding.

Stop getting your hopes up untill they actually announce it. Or you know, if you like getting dissapointed time and time again, just expect season 2 whenever IO tweets something.


If these tweets are also about the curated featured contracts then I quit waiting for Season 2.


It’s another Challenge Pack or an Escalation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I wonder if IO even realizes how much they’re trolling us?


man, wtf, IO give us something, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


nope those are just ur unrealistic expectations /s

i swear some ppl dont even care how stupid they sound to defend Io


I would understand that when S2 still is at stake they should keep quiet with it. But when it really isn’t, there should come something. Live content is a good thing for an overall finished game. But the real deal we are waiting for is the next season, so some stuff would be nice.

I dont take this “exciting” thing serious anymore. I mean I dont feel being lied to from Travis. I just think he is easily getting exciting for anything. Which is a good thing for him I guess.


Hell Travis even get’s excited when he needs to take a shit, I imagine :thinking:

That is some exciting shit!


He is the real bulls-hitman of IOI.


In the august content notes Travis stated that things will be sort of quiet throughout september, so i guess we won’t hear anything S2 related until october (at the earliest).

“Looking ahead, the September Content Schedule will be similar to this one, with a focus on Contracts Mode and a new Challenge Pack. That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements.
/ Travis”

Edit: The exiting announcements being something like an office party at io that we’re not invited to anyway :joy:

… i hope that comic book will ease the pain of waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


let me know when lancer wallbang comes back