Season 2 confirmation thread


I wasn’t talking about BM, I was talking about H6.


I honestly have a really hard time understandig what’s exciting about that. Maybe you can elaborate?


What exactly is exciting about IO-I picking a name from a hat and then letting that random pick their fav contracts?

How is that different from any one of us posting a list of our favourite contracts here on the forum for other players to seek out and enjoy?

Once again, IO-I (and Travis specifically) seem to be getting their mountains and mole hills mixed up.

Don’t worry Travis! Here is a quick reminder to help you in future! :slight_smile:

MOUNTAIN (ie: news about season 2)

MOLE HILL (ie: some shitty fan curator nonsense, another minor patch)


Any curator (aka most hardcore fan) not only can choose contracts but also will have an interview with IO. Doesn’t know if any other game developers do the same but for me that is something that may make IO to feel “excited” about announcing it.
Or maybe it’s just me feeling that.


No you are absolutely right.


For me it’s what keeps the game alive. Haven’t played anything but contracts (and ET of course) since the last 6+ month. So the curator contracts are exiting news.


Release the political prisoner HITMAN: Season 2, he is being held hostage against his will. Framed by the United States Government.


Didn’t they make it clear that the really exciting announcements were coming after September? Did people miss that?

I do think the community-member curated contracts are very cool, to be clear. But I don’t think that’s the exciting stuff IO was talking about because, again, they said those would be coming after September. So that’s when I for one am cautiously hopeful about getting some season 2 news.


Everytime IO makes an announcement they say it’s something exciting even if it’s not. The word has lost any meaning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the exciting announcement is a new patch that makes 47’s tie slightly redder. :wink:


Fair enough :wink: i guess i can see how that can be exciting to the core fanbase, which i believe is mainly represented on this forum. But i guess i’ll have to agree with the mountain and mole hill analogy above, since this ‘excitement’ seems to be exclusive to what i think is a relatively small number of players. Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe i’ve got my money‘s worth with this game, i just don’t consider some dudes recomended contracts (all due respect), plus an interview, as exciting news.
It probably just comes down to me getting older and not getting these new and innovative ways to make videogames more ’exciting’.


Maybe… or it could just be that this whole concept is lazy and weird. LOL that even IO-I are so bored of contracts mode that they cant even bring themselves to manage it any longer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where is this amazing interview with the random they picked to do their donkey work? I kinda’ want to read it now.




Just as a note, this “random” is actually someone who is valued by the users of this board. You might not respect IO-I for this filler content. But this “random” aka mendie is worth being respected for his dedication to the game and the community. “Shitty fan curator nensense” are definitively the wrong words for it.

Also the regular FCs will roll out each month anyway. So noone is doing their work. Which atm is working on S2 btw. I am also not happy for them being so quiet, but I dont take that out on people who have no fault for it.


WHERE :clap: IS :clap: SEASON :clap: 2 :clap: IOI


Nah… Snipers are badass.



I was hoping I’d come back from my hurricane evacuation adventures to some Hitman news. Color me disappoint.


Goddamit IO now that you have 5 million players under your belt please reveal Season 2 :expressionless:


I need Season 2 begins before 2018! Damn IOI c’moon not everybody are like me… buyng a consolle just for play Hitman, normal players gets bored!


IO clearly doesn’t give a shit. Looks like they forgatten they were supposed to announce season 2. Right now it feels like Squenix actually killed the game and we will never hear about hitman. Yes, it is this silent.


That’s harsh. It’s much better for IOI to release a finished game later than a rushed one earlier, and Hitman was on the verge of finishing not too long ago; try need time to recover from that and to make Season 2 as good as it can be. It’s only been 10 months. 2 years between releases is still pretty good.