Season 2 Confirmed? Will you purchase it and what do you expect it to cost?

A second season has been “confirmed” for months, it was alluded to since one of the HITMAN youtube videos, I believe the second storytelling one? EDIT- “so the main story evolves over multiple seasons”

Personally, I hate the episodic format. I dislike having to download new updates and levels, it really decimates my connection at home, where I get below 350kbps. All of this is be negated as I only live home for a couple of months.

However, having to be online to access all content is outrageous. Despite paying £45, I cannot access content I have payed for due to not being online. This is ridiculous. Is disabling leaderboards whilst offline really that difficult?

I have played the Hitman series for a decade - however as many of my friends cannot get stable internet, I have not recommended this title unless they are long term fans.


Keep it coming! MORE HITMAN YEAH!!!


As long as Hitman games get released, this guy right here will continue to buy them. For me, it’s not up for debate lol


I’ll buy it.

Despite various things in the first season, they’ve still made a game that is unmatched to other stuff that comes out nowadays.

As long as they fix what they need to fix this season, i will be more than happy to buy S2 at full price. As of now the game feels unfinnished, and i can accept that, HITMAN is a work in progress, but if they dont fix the most problem ridden areas of the game before japan i will need to investigate before i preorder anything more from IO. Who am i kidding, i will instantly buy it without a second thought. :neutral_face:


#Season 2 will literally be DLC.

I think this topic needs to be editorialized or reassessed, because it doesn’t cover a very alarming issue.
###The seemingly intended “it’s a new game” pricing model for season 2.

As much as I hate @GTAJJ with his ridiculous speculation sometimes, he does have some factual points about season 2.

This right here.

Exactly this.
They are limited by what they can do with the engine.

They can change things like the art direction/style, story and possibly even the game-play to some extent (gameplay changes having ramifications)

But when you have limiting factors such as consoles holding you back, you can only develop a game to look so good.

Unless they take a serious break to reassess the game & engine, and I mean serious (3-6 months at least) you will be playing essentially the exact same game with exactly the same faults.

This misconception that season 2 will be a “new game” is factually wrong, and people using it as an argument are wrong.
Sorry Spodey

In conclusion.
The pricing of season 2 should reflect that it should not be sold at $60 USD as a “new game” because it’s fucking well not.


Adding onto my post because it covers points outside of the original comment.

Yes, I often do work on the engine with other community members. See Thread.
Obviously it’s not in any official capacity (as in working for IO), but I understand the underlying composure of it probably more than any user on this forum. (I hope that doesn’t sound braggadocios)

Honestly It’s a good & flexible engine, it’s certainly miles better in terms of architecture than the old glacier engine.

But it has inherent problems such as:


This is when I bought my preorder. I knew there was a delay (not the shitty one we have now). If you look, it says 3 environments so maps but 6 campaign missions tied to it. 6 story missions tied to the 3 locations we have. Where is the other 3? As far as the changes made, the timings were different. Not content. Where’s the other 3 missions pitched to me?

No, I’m just saying that you do tend to do that so it’s possible you went on a troll or something. Barely personal lol

You can class it as the almighty of games for all I care, doesn’t change it’s actual classification, just like each episode is technically an add on too. FE is nothing but a digital pass. It’s DLC marketed as an full game.

Did I say Mastery is the be all and end all? No. Don’t put words in my mouth to find justification. There’s way too many challenges left when you hit the easy mastery. Completing all challenges and tasks given by devs is what is 100% the game.

That’s one of the many variety of tasks that GTA offers the player. Can you explain what you mean when you said: [quote=“Spodey, post:710, topic:8895”]
essentially extra tasks added to make the game look like more than it is

It doesn’t make it look like it is… it just simply is. What about escalations? They are purposely repeated missions, purposely making you replay the exact same objectives, 5 times in a row.

As for Fallout 4, there’s more than fetch. What about collecting documents and the egg in Hitman? Your point? That’s like complaining that you just kill in Hitman lol.

So on one side you say that having bigger amount of stuff is irrelevant but now saying bigger sized maps are more relevant… okayyyyy then.

LOL if you say so… yellow duck, red duck, white duck. Totally different items.

Whining? No. Pointing out factual flaws of the episodic system? Yes.

100% opinion and is irrelevant.

Another opinion and is irrelevant. It is 1 environment. By your (and Spodey’s) logic, GTA, Fallout, Just Cause and any game that has a larger environment, full of diverse content must be equivalent of 10 x of this HITMAN then.

No there is no real player. A player plays the way they want. Casuals, Hardcore players, Completionists etc. No such thing as “real”.

Not really. What may take people a bunch of playthroughs to discover, may take others a single playthrough. Skill level may occur in gameplay time too. There’s many things.

Very ironic when you consider the majority of the gaming community in response to the game. If you simply look on any of the social medias, you’ll see highest comments talking about the total opposite to you. And no this isn’t critics but the consumers, and frankly they have spoken.

Very funny. If you even find the thread again, you’ll see the constant blatant denial of the fact I didn’t say that and fanboys crying over an EE which I never brought up and twisting words to create childish hate instead of a mature conversation. Then again, what evidence can you give. Glad to see it’s on people’s minds though :smirk:

LOL No. No it’s not when we look at other games that charge the same price.

No. But I know the Glacier Engine uses C# which I have knowledge of and have used many other game engines using the same scripting API (language) such as Unity, Unreal and Cry Engine. I also understand how an engine works and what it takes to produce every part of a game (excluding marketing [will be soon])


They are profiting still. It’s the issue that all publishers want to be like Activision where they can get millions for a game that’s similar to the last. So they design cut content, episodic and other shady tactics to try to get less risk/ more profit. Even after the record R* got, they have a way to make sure they earn shark card profits before they release more content, only it’s what I call…community funded as it’s community milestones that earn everyone content… Square Enix fucked that up … Augment your preorder lol.

For the price they are selling it, it should not ever feel that way to anyone.

@HHCHunter Glad to see someone else on HMF who knows the technical situation behind games :slight_smile: :hand_splayed: [quote=“HHCHunter, post:57, topic:9692”]
As much as I hate GTAJJ’s ridiculous speculation sometimes

C’mon. :smirk:


Why wouldn’t an unfinnished game seem unfinnished? Not entierly sure what you mean… do you mean that they should somehow cover up that the game is a work in progress? There will be a disc ver for people like you later bud.

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They promised it would be a polished AAA experience. That’s why. A polished episodic release is not the same as an unfinished game. This game is the farthest thing from polished.


@AlexNiedt said it perfectly. I would like to add that I understand every game has bugs, but if you haven’t already seen the Bug Report Thread, the amount there is ridiculous. Not to mention the clear lack of features older games have and the features they did include are inferior to a 10 year old game with an outdated engine.

I could go on BM and get exactly what I got in 2006. We know that you don’t get your items, gear, weapons, spawn locations and drop boxes when the servers are down so in 10 years time, am I going to be able to expect the servers to be running or will I end up having a game without the little content I have?

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So will this mean that the new missions will be add to the current game we now have and we get to keep the weapons and all the suits unlocks?
I’m actually ok with that

@rkdhiman318 Yes and no. I think its safe to say that now is the best time to start playing. Especially because you have 4 maps and 6 missions (bonus included)
But it does lack some weapons that IO are working on. But hey, you have plenty of explosives in the shape of duck toys and minifigures

Yeah, you have a point in that their marketing was pretty inconsistent. But im just saying that they didnt promise us 6 new locations for free. And there’s no way they’re gonna be free because IO will never be able to afford that

I will buy everything Hitman related. It doesn’t matter what or when. The answer is yes.


if there be S02. its gonna be 60$ as DLC

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I think season 1 will probably be a lot cheaper once season 2 starts. That way people can catch up without spending 120 dollars on the game

Day 1. Without a doubt.

I have played over 100 hours of Hitman season one so far, and we are about half way through. Do I feel like I have gotten what I payed for with the full experience? Hell yes!
When the season is over, I will have played it as much (if not more) than any of the previous Hitman games. I played Absolution for about 100 hours so I have already matched that with the new game.

So despite all the fuss and the troubles in the beginning, I will declare the episodic release model a great success in terms of delivering quality content to the players.

Therefore I will of course also buy season 2 full experience. If it has the same level of content and quality as season one, its worth every penny.

The only thing I can be worried about is if they can keep the game interesting if they do not develop the game from season to season.


But duckie, you can buy the FE and not play the levels, just elusives.