Season 2 Safehouses (Not like BM, like Sapienza etc.)


So hear me out.
It would definitely be nice to have a BM Style Safehouse in Season 2, but lets face it, November is coming up rapidly, and whatever chance there was of one is pretty much gone by now.
What I am suggesting, however, is a small area similar to the apartment in Sapienza, Room 205 in Bangkok, and the Hospital Room in Hokkaido.
Miami seems perfect; already there is a motel (hint hint) that could be used as a starting location, a place to smuggle items in, a box of ammo (Sapienza) and maybe also a place to blend in. If you don’t like that, then how about adding a tiny little box in the VIP area with similar functions, and whichever IO made would have a TV inside. The latter would also be a key way to obtain a waiter’s disguise. In a similar way to the Bangkok, if the motel was the safehouse the player (had they not unlocked mastery level __ and/or chosen to spawn there) would have to ‘check in’ for the area to become legal for the character to walk in; the VIP area functions this way too.
I personally think that this was one of the overlooked features of HITMAN. Also a way to get in a Rocco Easter Egg.
You might not a agree. If so, I just wasted your time, but feel free to comment.


Personally I prefer the safe houses in the new game. They really add to the social stealth and are like the Hitman equivalent of a wholesome meme. The BM hideout is too run down, and an abandoned whatever is too obvious and specific a place for 47 to go.


Yeah, plus Hitman 2016 sort of reframed ICS assassins as being perpetually on the move. Returning to the same safe house between missions wouldn’t make as much sense in that context.

A hub level is quite a nice idea though.


What I want to see:
a camouflage home with a contracts/blood money like testing field in the basement

NOT just shooting field but with an explosives laboratory with object and distance markers on the floor to identify range and power
doors and safes that can be tested for penetration and destruction and picking
Dummy model or silicon-coated robot that can test melee and shooting (Detraction Range Checkable)
wardrobes that able to change cloth (suits, etc)

And some pet animal


Having a explorable menu in the form of a plane would be cool.


Or an airport terminal where you can board flights to the 6 locations. Fuck yeah. Let’s do that.


Seems awesome but I have a feeling it’ll grow old quickly. Also it’ll be 12 not 6!


Definitely. That would be awesome.


i very hope and wait return safehouses


I’ve played a very limited amount of BM, but that safehouse looks more like an old doss house than where I’d expect 47 to live. Is the idea that he lives there?


He’s seen there throughout most of the early game and then at the end of it. He keeps his bird there. I don’t know why he lives there, he’s also seen in the game living in more standard apartments.


I present my proposal for Safehouse/Hub Level for future HITMAN seasons!


Oooh. Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:


sounds like a staging area.

dunno if I would want it on every map, but they are welcome


The reason I say not like Blood Money is because Season 2 is coming up soon. In HITMAN 3, an Airport Level would be awesome. I’m not saying a BM Safehouse would be bad, but November is soon.
If IO do sneak in a Safehouse or Airport, I would be ectastic. I am not a dev, after all. I have no idea how long adding a little motel room would take, nor to add an entire airport level. But I reckon the airport would take long
@Speaker I agree, even with the leaks it is hard to know much about the levels and I am sure that some levels won’t fit with it.
Maybe the hub level could be a section in the ICA facility.


Is that the Batcave from BvS? If so I want to see 47 fight Batman over the rights to the Batcave, I mean it is now a Warner Brothers game and Batman is a WB property.


Remembers me about Splinter Cell Blacklist, which had this, and I loved it. But in a plane, that would be to obvious. Not a single airport in the world would let a plane go down without a number, planes can be tracked, and if he lands, in countries like columbia, his plane would be registered in almost anything with local authorities. It wouldn’t take long for some international agencies to put 1 and 1 together. But a terminal on an airport would be amazing. Still same as obvious, but not to unrealistic as he always flies. What I would like, really love, is a hideout in the ICA facillity. I mean, it’s already hidden. And if theres nothing to murder, he could go there, train, and such. I love the bunker like appearence, much better than this yacht in Absolution.


I’d like a hideout like one in BM.Not only to test weapons but I think an environment like that could really be a good way of showing us what 47 is like and what he does in free time,it would add more depth to the character.


I can recall hearing something about H2 delving deeping into 47’s backstory???
Than Season 1, of course.


Nevermind where be located bunker - main I want collectable display rack with weapons