Season 3 corrupt a wish


A classic of forum games.

Make a wish for a feature you want to see in Season 2 and the next person grants it in a horrible way you never wanted. Before making their own wish.

E.g. Poster 1: “I wish for the briefcase”

Poster 2: “granted, however it is made out of transparent materials and will instantly get you shot by gaurds if you carry any guns in it.”

So it’s as easy as that, have fun all.

I wish 47 had a safe house we could explore and have fun in.

Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?

I’ll start

I wish Season 2 gets released.


Granted, but every time you enter an auto-aimbot hulk-like purple monster mix of Jasper Knight and Kalvin Ritter jumps down from the ceiling and instantaneously kills you.

I wish that we could dual-wield Silverballers.


granted, but it comes with a confusing infographic, so no one knows whats going on.


Make a wish after granting :wink:


(I love this game!)

Granted, but each magazine contains only one bullet.

I wish that we could see the fibrewire.


Granted, but the wire is neon pink, and when using it the game switches supersampling to 1000x.

I wish for better AI.


Granted but it comes in the forms of Birds & Fish.
So that the fish in Sapienza now witness you kicking people off the jetty.


Granted but the AI is so good it becomes sentient and chooses not to play as it solves the problem on how to enslave us.

I wish each map comes with unique weapons

Edit: ninjad


(Too late to make a wish, but here’s another granted wish…
Granted, the targets know that you are coming and you get an instant lockdown when you start the level.)


Granted, those novelty inflatable batons and bebe guns are going to look great!

I wish that we could unlock a non-breakable non-lethal melee weapon.


Granted you have an unbreakable spoon that can be used to annoy gaurds as you tap them on the head with it.

I wish guard dogs made a return


Granted, every human guard will be replaced with dogs with guns.

I wish for Jesper Kyd’s music.


Granted, it will go with an even more Bond-y atmosphere than the current game.

I wish for headturning to be taken out the game.


Granted now all gaurds shall spin around on the spot instead.

I wish the different suits you unlock get different levels suspicion based on the map rather than being cosmetic.


Devils advocate:
Actually that’s not even bad, it would probably be more reliable, because then I could darn well tell where the hell they are looking.


Granted, but the only suit is available on the night missions is a white requiem suit.
I wish non-linear storyline (depends on which target you eliminated and when)


You get that, but Victoria returns…

I want a more serious and darker vibe


Granted, but a jumpscare occurs every 2 seconds and a dead victoria eats you inside out every 1 minute

I wish for more exotic locations


Granted, serious and darker vibe

I wish when 47 wears Absolution suit he can hold pistol like last game. Has more personality. :briefcase: