Season 3 corrupt a wish

Granted, everytime you enter +5 guards with shotguns will be there to meet you “face-to-face” (quite literally). Also the hideout is a hostile area for 47 so…

I wish for IOI to change my name to KiNiU so I can get rekt by Sprut.

Granted, Ioi go through the legal proceedings and change your name through the courts using this post as legal consent.

I wish for season 2 news

Granted, but the news will be that IOI isn’t sure if there will actually BE a season 2. TBA…
I wish for the incorporation of elevators.

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Granted, but they’re only there for aesthetic. Fake “crowd” NPC’s can use them, but when 47 tries to walk through the doors he is met with an invisible wall.

I wish for the inclusion of more ICA mock training levels.

Granted, I like turtles

  • +Complete main menu and ingame menu design overhaul.

Come on 47Chambers, if you’re not going to play the game properly, don’t bother playing it atall. There is a Season 2 wishlist thread on this forum if you want to post there instead.


Everything concerning season 2 is practically a “wishlist”.

Edit: I like turtles

All I’m asking is you play the game set in the thread if you’re going to post in this thread.

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Granted, but the targets never use them.

Granted, but upon completion you realize you finished season 2.

I wish for a shooting range.

Granted, you’re the target for the NPCs.

I wish there was an option in-game that lowers the graphics and other things in-game so players with worse computers and laptops can also play with a high performance and FPS.

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Granted, there is now a Text Adventure version in the options!

I wish for a large map located underground.

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Granted, have a remastered version of Sapienza where you can only play in an expanded biolab with no access whatsoever to other areas. Also there’s no unlocks on the mission. Also it’s the only mission playable. Every other mission will be deleted from hitman and you will not get your money back.

I wish for NPCs to have common sense

Granted, but they are now so super intelligent that every target is an enforcer for every outfit.

I wish for there to be a bonus mission for every season 1 location.

Granted, but for each bonus mission IOI has to work on slows the release of season 2 by a year each.

I wish for the ability to make guards drop their weapons and surrender at gunpoint.

Granted, but it would get awkward quickly when the guard starts begging for his life emphasizing on the willingness to do anything to stay alive, even giving visual clues.

I wish season 2 will have a mission set in Romania.

With @badeaguard as the target

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I wouldn’t mind. I would love that actually.

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How do you want to die ?

I don’t know. But I want them to give me some funny addiction like porn collection or something similar.

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Get off the forum :joy: :joy: