Season 3 corrupt a wish


Granted but it is their human flesh skin and will be suspicious

I wish for a less blured picture of the next target before Jun 7th


Granted but it’s just gonna be Rick Astley rickrolling you again.

I wish for some kind of cooperative multiplayer mode in Season 2.


Granted but its multiplayer and one person can only hear and see, the other can only walk and do all other things. but not see anything

I wish for a great soundtrack for the new season


Darude - Sandstorm confirmed.

I wish WB doesn’t force IO to include their Driving engine into Hitman like they did in Arkham Knight.


Granted, they now drop IO for using a different engine and the game is too slow to actually play the next season.

I wish the trailer they revealed is related to Season 2’s storyline.


Granted, but it’s a flashback to Diana’s comicbook storyline.

I wish 47 to be voiced by William Mapother.


Granted, but every other NPC are also voiced by him. Yes even the females.

I wish that Season 2 has drivable cars.


Granted every mission exit is the Beatle from Sapienza

I wish for a smoke bomb and a working gas mask


Granted but the smoke bomb will have rainbow-colored smoke coming out of it and the mask will make 47 sound like Pyro from TF2.

I wish for an Instinct mode without slow motion.


I would be ok with that corruption

Granted it now speeds time up

I wish for a gun that can shot plungers


Granted, but it’s only usable if you are near a toilet, directly shooting at it while shit flies in your face.

I wish for elevators in the next Hitman Season


Granted, they require coins to operate.

I want a bunch of new reskinned coins for S2.


Granted, you have to peel your skin off and send it to IO by mail before it rots.

Someone take my turn


Dual wielding
Human shield
Kevlar vest (pro mod only)
Pump / bolt action animation
Weapon customization

Plz ioi

Season 2 Confirmation Thread (OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED \O/)

Granted, but in another Hitman

I wish for replayable Ets like bonus mission


Granted, but you have no weapons and can’t do anything
I wish for 47 to have a pack of fake mustaches and wigs for when he has to disguise as a person with those things


Granted but it is already in the game

I wish for more unique animations for each weapon in Hitman season 1 and 2


Granted, but there is only one weapon in the game.

I wish for less random out of place NPC lines like “Hey, waiter” and such


Granted, now all NPCs know your identity and are enforcers.

I wish for Season 2 to be awesome and delivered on time and on budget.


Granted. But it’s a Life Is Strange Season 2 instead of Hitman. Someone take my turn.