Season 3 corrupt a wish


I wish that there’s would be a remake of Hidden Valley in Hitman 2. Including all the bugs and the guards than can see through your disguise from a mile away.

(Hey a wish is a wish, right? So let’s corrupt it. :wink:)


Granted, accept ungranted so Hidden Valley does’t get a remake whatsoever.

I wish for a poison that makes NPCs go crazy and get killed by guards.


Granted but they get rabies, and 47 gets infected

I wish to see each of the season 1 targets gravestones


Granted, now they are in a pay-to-see Hitman season 2 short film available excluvely on pre-paid Netflix!

I want more badass targets in season 2


Granted but they have bad asses that have them in pain, so you will do them a favor by killing them

I wish for a shitty sniper riffle


Granted, 47 now poops, and his shit are miniature sieger’s.

I wish for a co-op mode in hitman that can go to s1 maps aswell, and is not only in sniper assassin but in general maps, with no payments nor glitches.


There has been a simuler wish before


Hmmm…then I wish for more poor yet bad targets, or targets pleading for their life


Granted 47 becomes a part of and is on a crusade against anyone who ain’t christian

I wish for more ice cream shops in season 2


Granted! 47 will have an overwhelming urge to eat Ice cream as soon as he steps inside of one, taking away control from the player he orders an ice cream and immediately dies from brain freeze…

I wish for a level set in Mexico City!


Granted but it’s 100% enforcers who see through all disguises

I wish for more suits cough: and a ninja suit


Granted! You now have access to a ninja suit but when you try it on it fits so tight your testicles pop.

I wish for a female character playable in the campaign.


Granted. But when you wear the ninja suit as a female character, your boobs pop.

I wish you would have a assassin mission on the International Space Station.


Granted! Enjoy hunting down a target that failed to properly secure themselves to the exterior of the station and is now somewhere in Earth’s orbit, carrying a key that you need for the next mission. Oh, and you have a time limit to try to find them, before their orbit degrades and they’re incinerated on re-entry.

I wish for the vehicles from Cyberpunk 2077 to be available for 47 to use.


Granted, they are all exits!

I wish for more subuing animations/knockout animations.


Granted, but they come at the expense of the Fiber Wire animations.

I wish for Xbox exclusive targets.


Granted, but the misssion has 1 target, 2 oppurtunities, 3 challenges in assassination, has no real briefing, & it comes in Bangkok (where the class stil is).

I wish for self customizable disguises &/or character suit.


Granted. But you can only choose from the Kingsman collection. (Although it wouldn’t be that bad)

I wish for a scenario where 47 has to dive underwater, scuba dive to a cruise ship, and then take out the targets.


Granted, but the cruise ship is for seniors only, so the only viable disguise involves the use of a walker and affecting a bad case of scoliosis, resulting in 47 moving at 3% of his normal crouched “stealth” speed. When he sprints.

I wish for a Thief-esque ability to loot valuables on mission, so that you can finance new weapons, gadgets, and upgrades.


GRANTED! But the Thief ability only allows you to steal panties. Get a certain collection or the special 'golden panties; and you’ll achieve something awesome!

I wish you could get equipped with a Predator-like device that renders you totally invisible from everything - including alarms but it only works for 10 seconds.