Season 3 corrupt a wish



This new device makes 47 completely invisible, but only 47. Prepare for guards to get suspicious of floating guns and other objects…
Also, performing actions now takes twice as long, since 47 can’t even see his own hands!

I wish for 47 to have the ability to wear any target’s disguise, regardless if he fits in it or not!


GRANTED. You become Kathleen Kennedy at a Star Wars rally! Uh-oh…

I wish there was a scene in some sci-fi biosystems laboratory where ALL the bodies from previous target contracts 47 has killed up until season 2 have turned into zombies and broken out of their containment tubes. Trapped in the room with very few options to hide, limed weapons, and demons from the past closing in… 47 must find a way to kill them all once again!!


Granted… This scene is the intro to the game, meaning that HITMAN 2 is now an open world zombie survival game. I hope you like HITMAN 2: SURVIVE.

I wish for remakes of older missions from past games using the current engine!


here is all you need


Granted. In HITMAN 3 there will be remakes of The Hidden Valley and Motorcade interception.

I wish for an actual shocker item, working like The Big One in puddles, but for a longer time.


Granted. But i’ll work for a few hours straight and you won’t be able to extract while it’s active.

I wish for a Russian level without sewers


Granted 47 goes to GULAG camps

I wish for people to talk about places that could be levels in Season 2


Granted. But all the levels are from Blood Money and just re-done with more detail. (Wait… is that a bad thing?)

I wish they would actually make a GOOD Hitman movie that would be as faithful to the games as possible.


Granted but Angela Lansbury plays the Part of 47.

i wish ioi would use the right Powersockets for each location.


Granted, however it was a cowboy who fitted them and when 47 goes to charge his phone it electrocutes him.

I wish 47 would utilise a mobile phone during missions.


Granted. But he now plays Hitman: Sniper on his phone instead of doing his job.


Your wish? :chicken:




I don’t have one :frowning:


Well I guess the game ends here! Jk obviously.
I guess I’ll make a wish.

I wish npc’s spoke their native tongue and/or spoke with accents.


Granted. As NPCs are digital beings, they speak out loud an endless sequence of 1’s and 0’s.

I wish there are more starting points in sniper nests where a sniper is easy to get.


Granted. But all the maps in Season 2 are Sniper Assassin now.

I wish for Blood Money’s money and upgrade system implemented at least for contracts


Granted. But due to budget cuts, political corruption, and Providence clearing out most of their files, ICA has had to downsize. Agent 47 only gets a $5000 per contract vs. his standard $500,000.

I wish 47 would have a cool black van like some of the Punisher Comics. It would be be new, have incredible power/reliability, bulletproof, and have auto defenses in case any one attacked it or tried to gain entry while 47 was gone. You would have to drive it to a secure area and park it in a hidden place or even a public place to hide in plain sight. It could hold a much larger cache of weapons and resources. You would always have a get-a-way vehicle plus you could have your own wi-fi for those areas that have no reception! :wink:



One long night the A-team show up and B.A Baracas is sure it’s his van, you try in vain to stop them but this is the A-team and they manage to escape with the van while running over your extensive poisonous plant collection you use to home brew your own poisons. [Insert A team music]

I wish for 47 to have a stalker that stops at nothing to try and get his attention, she always appears during missions almost blowing your disguise and she constantly turns up at 3 a.m drunk at your hideout.


Granted! One night there is a flash of lightning and the woman who has been following him is standing in his doorway. The drunk status was her cover so he wouldn’t suspect her.
She’s asian, damn sexy, and unsheaths a katana from her side. She looks at the ceiling for a brief second as the lightning flashes again, this time coming into the room, and striking the sword. Her eyes glare at him as she is untouched by the bolt.

47 reaches for the sword he got from the Yakuza at GAMA hospitalm as the woman declares, “There can be… only ONE!”

I wish for more references from the 80’s. Bonus points if you know the reference from above by the way. :wink: