Season 3 corrupt a wish



Granted but now the entire game is nothing but 80’s aesthetic and is extremely over saturated in it, to the point where it gets old fast.

I wish the suits and unlocks from season 1 are ported over to HITMAN 2.


Granted, but they are locked behind a paywall of £5/$5 for each suit and all suits with gloves with have the gloves removed.

I wish for numbers on 47’s barcode.


Granted, but the numbers are huge and spell out “80085” instead of what they are meant to be.

Someone take my turn.


I wish the dialogues in Season 2 will be musicals!


Granted. But Season 2 will be Never Gonna Give Up music video.

I wish for proper rating system in addition to score one


Granted. Unfortunetly, the new rating system is so detailed and complicated that it must be run on a separate gaming system hard-drive from the one you already have,

I wish we would have another 'King;., we were on a roll for a while; meat king, swing king, etc. But then we didn’t have one for season one. So who should we have?


I really wish they would add a prompts option, having prompts everywhere makes the game feel fake, in the older games you had prompt description of the actions like (Drag Body, Open Door, Pick Up Pistol) on the bottom left corner of the screen and the E key was for everything!! Just Hold E and Scroll though the Actions I wish they wold bring that back, Human Shield is a must and Disarm instead of a fist fight His the ultimate Hitman no one stands a chance hand to hand with him… Disarming guards like in Blood Money would be so much better, last wish… Able to push and shove victims down stars, holes, over rails into objects and walls without prompts saying when you can or not.


Granted… for your next mission you must kill Hank Hill, King of the Hill, in a main story mission crossover that makes no sense at all.

I wish Point Shooting from Absolution returns.


Granted. But there is no longer instinct bar in the game, so you can’t activate it.

I wish for Sean Bean character to stay alive.


Granted. But he is on Life Support.

I wish for extensive customisation in HITMAN 2…


Granted. But you can only customise Clown’s suit by choosing different hair colors.

I wish for good sales for Season 2, so IOI can make better Season 3


Granted, but it will be as expensive and in a long-term-development like Star Citizen so you might not live to see the release but live to fall into poverty with every ingame item you preorder for an insane ammount of money.

I wish you cannot unlock stuff with IRL money in Season 2.


Granted. Season 2 DLC can only be bought with IOI cyptocurrency instead, which you need you buy indirectly with IRL money.

I wish there will be more than 6 missions in Season 2.


Granted but these mission are just get from point A to B, with only one way to complete them.

I wish the hand to hand combat wasn’t just a QTE.


Granted, combat is now a singstar minigame and the only song will be ave maria. While the pitch and text has to be perfect, you have to decide when to switch to the next syllable of the text to punch in the right moment.

I wish the throwing arc when throwing stuff will be better, with the impact point never being out of the picture.


Granted. Your throwing arc is now improved: You get underhand throws (small) and overhand throws (big), unfortunately, 47 can only throw things to what the camera can see. You won’t be able to throw something behind an object or anywhere that is out of 47’s FOV.
(I don’t know I couldn’t really think of anything huge as a corruption)

I wish Hitman 2 would feature more story-based cutscenes, preferably of 47.


Granted but these cutscenes give away too much history of 47 and he starts to lose that mystery and charm.

I wish The Sniper Assassin missions had it’s own unique story.


I wish hitman 2 to have three missions, six missions is to much


Granted but IOI misread it as a tree mission, and now is 47 going to kill a tree

I wish for a level where you need to kill all sheep in Wales


Granted, welcome to Wales, Alaska, USofA making a yet another USA level.

I want more targets per missions like 10 targets on one map!