Season 3 corrupt a wish


Granted, but the level was the hideout and 47 has 10 paper targets to shoot at.

I wish for a level the size of Fallout 4


Granted you now have a large empty desert of many miles with the only thing of note being your target who is somewhere around in there.

I wish ioi will soon share some more news on S2.


Granted but IOI announce that they returned to episodic even if the game is fully made.

I wish for dual wielding.


Granted, but you can only dual wield coins and nothing else.

I wish for a darker atmosphere.


Granted there are no lights or any sunlight

I wish for a “is this loss meme” in this tread


Granted. But “I II II IL” is less than 20 characters, so it won’t happen. Woops.

I wish for properly sized briefcase because the one we’ve seen is too small for a sniper rifle to fit inside.



It will now be super duper large (10m or so).

I wish for none to corrupt my wish


Granted but now everything else you ever do will be corrupted to even it out

I wish for Season 1 intergration into S2


Granted, but each time you load a mission in season 2 you are given a split screen loading on the concurrent season 1 mission and have to play both at the same time with the one controller.

I wish for an unlockable starting location where 47 skydives into the level and you can control him in order to land at a different point on the map each time you restart.

Is it like this?


Granted but a parachute is an unlockable equipment locked until you 100% every challenge and it has a RNG chance of not opening.

I wish for taking out the lights and having night vision to come back.


Granted but as IO had to rush development, they didn’t add a button to take them off once equipped so you must remain in dark areas of the map or restart.

I wish the upcoming Jungle level will let us climb trees.


Granted but sometimes you’re too heavy and the branch snaps, making 47 fall to his death.

I wish for real calibre bullets with different damage.


Granted, but now every bullet does less than krugermier damage, no matter what gun.

I wish for contracts mode to return, and be the same (if not better) than Season 1’s contract maker.

I dunno if contracts has been confirmed.
The thread is mostly arguing now.


Granted, IO confirmed it but you have to actually make the contract. Type out a 10 page dossier in detail with every specific feature about each selected target and send it to 47.

I wish for a sniper animation.


Tbh, that doesn’t sound too bad!


Granted, it’s a detailed QTE animation with several steps to assemble the rifle, each step requiring you to press the appropriate button or the rifle doesn’t assemble correctly.

I wish for a co-op version of the main campaign where you can play the missions with a buddy, to come up with creative, speedy new strats.


Granted, but your buddy won’t have arms or legs and has to sneeze every 2 minutes, alerting the guards to their position.

I wish for a large open snowy level like Bjarkhov Bomb.


Granted, the fallout near the Bjarkov Bomb made the area cold and snowy, and you were sent by Provdence (plot twist).

I wish for less leak about Hitman 2, because I can’t help myself and look at them.


Granted but now ioi spoil the whole game officially.

I wish for a greater variety of in game challenges to aim for.


Granted but they don’t award anything… Literally anything.

I wish for a return of Agent Smith