Season 3 corrupt a wish


Granted. But he is the main character now and all the gameplay is waiting for 47 to rescue you.

I wish for less lawyer targets.


Now the targets are juries which are contracted by the lawyers.

I wish for someone to wish for something.


Your wish comes true. Someone wishes Hitman series was taken down forever.

I wish we have early access 4 months instead of 4 days.


Granted, you will now be able to enter the starting screen.

Someone take my turn


I wish in season 2 we will be able to customise more when making a contract, such as adding or removing npcs, setting routes, changing carried weapons and item locations and setting a custom starting location and disguise.


Granted, your contract maker is now as flexible as the Arma 3 editor, however this means that so many good contracts are made on Hitman2 that no one buys Hitman3 and IO goes bust :frowning:

I wish for 47 to have access to multiple vehicles depending on the actual level.


Granted. Remember the trailers you can vault into behind Paris’ stylist area? There will be unique ones in every level.

I wish whe have more “good people” as targets.


Granted, but now the good people have done nothing wrong, at all, ever, in the world do and now an angry mob chases you and kills you in every level.

I wish for ETs to return.


Granted. All the old ETs reactivate back on H1 again. No ETs are on H2.

I wish for Jesper Kyd’s return.


Granted, he’s returned to Hitman 2, but he’s only listed in the credits as giving words of encouragement to the current composers, heartbroken that they aren’t being accepted by diehard fans of the series, and he does not play a creative role in any music.

I wish that people would wake up after they’ve been knocked out again.


Granted, they do it like the original Hitman 2 and 3, but also ruin your silent assassin run all the time so you start avoid knocking out anyone and the game will be much harder then.

I wish for a location that isn’t (I wish for someone taking the risk of looking whats written here in fear of a spoiler just to know what I’m wishing for, only to see there is no wish.) as the leak suggests.


Granted. You get a tutorial location at ICA again, which is the same as H1.

I wish for more weapons than Contracts


Granted, now every contract (get the joke) that gets made gives you a weapon.

I wish for more sniper based levels in H2.


I have no idea why the HITMAN forum sents me this as new, but I guess it’s because there was this server issue yesterday. Hidden Valley lover? Are you serious? :smiley:

(Wish from bjojo)

Granted, but it will be in the sniper assassin mode only, which is kind of what you wish for, and kind of not.

I wish for more unlocks like the ica remote sound thing, what plays hitman music, as I like the approach they did with using an already exisiting unlock and giving it a personal touch.


Granted, but it will be a dubstep remix of Ave Maria, which is bass-boosted and instantly alerts the guards to your position.

I wish for more varied styles of suits (three piece etc)


Granted, now you can unlock different styles after playing a mission, but you can only use them in the misson, like the non glove versions of the suits in HITMAN 2016.

I wish for targets to be able to fight back, with a gun for example.


Granted the gun is a melee weapon, and can’t be trown when picked up, and will only knock 47 down

Edit: forgot the wish, here it is
A even more clownish costume for 47


Granted, now the clown costume has 1 coloured hair

I wish for no point system in H2


Granted, now you don’t unlock anything and we only can use the unlocks from season 1.

I wish for some kind of a train in a Hitman Level as there was none before.


Granted you can now interact with a toy train

I wish for a mentally challanged target