Season 3 corrupt a wish


I wish for the next location to be unveiled tomorrow.


Granted the next location is a 2nd version of Sapienza.

I wish for Ioi to find a way to bring our S1 preorder suit and duck into S2 at the very least.


Granted, but they appear for purchase only for those who bought them in HITMAN.
I wish that the Contracts mode lets us create with much more freedom than the one we got in HITMAN.


Granted. But players start using real people’s names and locations so Interpol investigates it and is busy hunting down potential terrorist threats as active shooter suspects in real life.

Sadly, 1/2 of the game’s fanbase is in jail, which hurts sales, and it causes Hitman Season 2 to fail commercially, curtailing any hope for a season 3. :frowning:

I wish the game devs actually knew geography in the United States. If you look at the map inside the house in the Colorado mission… they are missing Louisiana. It just goes to Mississippi. Besides who can forget the memorable Mardi Gras mission in New Orleans from Blood Money?


Granted, now the devs are going trough school again to learn the geography of USA

I wish for a lotta Damage


Granted. Devs now implemented the “Demolition Man” award where all objects can take damage and eventually get destroyed.

What they didn’t plan for, since it was a hitman game, were people who just went around and smashed stuff and didn’t care for the plot at all. Eventually even the ground became a target leading to the infamous black-hole glitch where everything falls away and your left with nothing to do but free fall. Devs say a patch is coming but it probably will be DLC. After all, as one ex-developer put it, “We never thought someone would be dumb enough to destroy the ground they walk on. Bo*****s!!,I mean, those W****rs deserve some time to reflect on their actions. I mean, this is a bloody stealth game, not GTA on steroids!” one developer, who was sacked for making this post way too long and for being the implementer of the black hole glitch, said to a reporter.

I wish we could see 47 handle a mission in outer space at the International Space Station.


Granted, but he must use a polish rocket to get to it

I wish for this tread after “season 2” gets released, that it will be renamed into “Hitman (I’ve no idea what they will call it) 3”


Granted. The thread will be renamed Hitman 3 but have several sub-genres… Hitman (HM) 3: the Standard Edition, HM3 Definitive Edition, HM3 Platinum Edition, HM3 Gold Edition, HM3 Silver Edition, HM3 Bronze Edition, HM3 Hot Bullets and Cold Steel Edition, HM3 Extra Edition, HM3 Super Edition, HM3 Ultra Edition, HM3 Birdo - Master Disguises of Subcon Edition, HM3 “Nightmares Contracts” Edition, HM3 Simulator (Relive the Past) Remastered Edition, HM3 Yandere Simulator / Laura’s Contracts Edition, HM3 GOTY Edition, HM3 Hell Edition, HM3 Heaven Edition, HM3 You Thought It Was Over Edition…

I wish 47 goes to Wal-Mart on a mission and has an Easter Egg where he can scan the Barcode on the back of his head, which is revealed to be…!!!


What actually shows up when you scan absolution’s barcode

I wish IO shows gameplay of Colombia


Granted. Uh… no comment. Maybe somethings are best left unknown. NSFW

Anyway, back to Colombia! We get to see a sub-tropical location with Jungle, Savannah, Ocean, and murky River highlights for some creative kills to be used against your target;. Anacondas, Gorillas, Piranhas, Sharks, and Tiger take-downs! Just don’t let the Zoo Keepers catch you! Best of all, “Riverbanks Zoo” is only a one day drive from your previous mission in Miami to reach Columbia, South Carolina! **You didn’t specify =p

I wish the Security/Guards/Police were more realistic with less than lethal options resulting arrest vs. death. It would still be game over or maybe you have one chance to escape. For example, trespassing into the restricted area of a fashion show hardly dictates lethal force nor is shooting at you in the midst of lots of otherwise innocent people very realistic as other people would be hit as well.


What is your wish, we need a wish to continoue the tread


derp i thought I put it there. Now its there! Sorriee =p


i don’t understand, they already have this… when you are caught trespassing and refuse to leave, the guards will try to arrest you


They will also try to escort you first out of the tresspassing zone


But there is no range of force. From an escort to tazers/mace that could blind you for a while or being put in a cell/police car. Guards just shoot for almost no reason. And they would never shoot towards a person where there are other people… too much liability. You got shot at waaaay too much. I can see maybe in a place like Marakesh or the Millitia base in Colorado but not in public places. The only time that would be justified is if you are shooting at them or an active threat. It boils down to that’s not how real police would act. Anyway, I’m hoping for too much I guess.

I’ll make another wish then. I wish the “Notoriaty” part of Blood Money would come back but with a more realistic and detailed system.


granted. following the events of absolution, birdie ratted you out to cosmo, so at the beginning of HITMAN 2 your notoriety is maxed out and you cannot lower it with bribes because everyone knows who you are already.

i want an unsilenced silverballer.


Granted, but it’s so loud that everyone on the map is aware of your location when you shoot.
I wish for weapon costumization.


Granted, you can now choose if the item works or not

I wish for a Team Fortress 2 reference in HITMAN 2


Granted, but it can only be found by paying the price of an Unusual Team Captain, then opening a Mann Co. Crate to see if you got it or not.
I wish for 47 to be more like the older games and be more talkative.


Granted, now he won’t stop monologuing his exploits. “And so 47 hides in this waste basket waiting for his target to make a move” which alerts anyone nearby to his location naturally.

I wish for the opportunities in the legacy pack to be reworked to make them more varied and interesting.