Season 3 corrupt a wish


Granted, now they will show you where the hidden telescopes are on each map

I wish for the person corrupting my wish to have a nice day


granted. you accidentally drop a $100 bill, which i later find and keep. :smirk:

i wish for contracts mode to be cross-platform


Granted but there is only cross play for the Ouya
I wish there is an Australia level as a DLC location.


Granted. Now they’re Jordan Cross-platform, so the entire soundtrack is changed to “Are We Stars?” .

Someone take my wish.


No joke but “Are We the Stars” was the best new song I had heard in 2016

Again, I wish for one of the DLC levels to be an Australia level


Granted you are in the outback away from civilisation and your target is a red kangaroo.

(I realised I misspoke on my last wish, I didn’t mean to say opportunities since I run with those off so I will try again lol)

I wish for the challenges in the legacy pack to be reworked to be more varied and interesting


Granted but reworked challenges only playable by David Bateson and his family.

I wish IOI make a game about 47’s childhood


I just want rain back


Granted but all 47 does is cry(as he’s a toddler in that stage)

I wish IO would reveal a new location


Granted, they will show one at EGX but there are technical difficulties. Please wait while we sort this out.

I wish for better opportunities in Colorado


Granted you can now grow drugs and become a drug smuggler

I wish for a meteor chrash in a mission, but before 47 arives, and you can walk close to the meteor without dying


Granted but it is the size of a chihuahua dog’s head and you can’t pick it up

I wish for more starting points in the new Patient Zero levels


Granted, but they are only 1 foot from the default starting location.

I wish there were more environmental effects such as torrential rainfall or sandstorms.


Granted, but 47 is such a wimp that once one of them starts, he just calls a cab and leaves in fear of ruining his suit.
I wish for 47 to use the bathroom


Granted, 47 just wets himself since there are no toilets in order.

My wish is up for grabs


Granted, but i’ve stolen that wish

I wish for a cheap get out of jail card in HITMAN 2 item


Granted but 47 is arrested soon after leaving jail for unpaid parking tickets

I wish to see 47 with hair (no the Shadow Client does not count)


Granted. But it’s just eyebrows.

I wish for a russian location in S3.


Granted but is in the middle of Siberia and your target is a moose.

I wish for a pepperoni pizza


(credit to FearlessArogunz)