Season 3 corrupt a wish


He looks like a goth rocker. Do you have a version with shorter hair. :smiley:
(Kudos to beating my wish with an image


Why you’re trying to kill the 47’s charisma?


Sorry, I have no other images. :'c


It’s just a joke. Why are you so bothered by the image?


I know, just teasing :grin:


he looks like the Edgelord from Hatred :joy:


Oh, it’s alright :stuck_out_tongue:
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He’s called “Not Important” :stuck_out_tongue:


He looks like Nathan Explosion from Deathklok.Nathan_Explosion


Granted, but your pizza is all bread and one very thin slice of pepperoni.

I wish you could dress 47 the way you want, such as selecting a shirt, tie, jacket, etc. to customize his look even more!


Granted but you can only dress him up in second hand clothes and accessories.

Anyone can take my wish


Granted, but the person that does fails to finish what they are wri-
I wish that Rocco returns


Granted but it is only a picture of him.
I wish for 47 to do a Bollywood dance routine in Mumbai


What?!? Mumbai is a mission? When was it revealed? Anyway, granted, but no-one likes his dance so he is shot on sight.
I hope they put more time into ETs.


@Accidental-kills98 @DaZucc all 6 locations were leaked, and that location is one of them, so it hasn’t been offically announced. Locations and other leaked things should be kept in spoiler tags please.

Thank you.


Granted now every ET will take three months to make and come out a week late

Feel free to take my wish


I wouldn’t mind seeing the leaked location names since I don’t consider that spoilers (we knew all the location countries for S1 before that came out after all). I actually consider the Miami streams more spoiler heavy since they give away potential kills.


Well then just click on the spoiler tag, and don’t spoil it for the rest of us please.


Fixed, sorry, I thought it had been recently revealed.


But then I might see the stuff I don’t want to see smart ass. Easier to play it safe