Season 3 corrupt a wish


But then those of us who consider the locations to be spoilers would be seeing the stuff we don’t want to see. If you really want to know, there is a thread on here dedicated to the leaks.


Can I just end this small dispute before it gets out of hand, if you are posting something that may be a spoiler, do everyone a favour, and censor it, not everyone wants to, or has seen the leaks. Back to the game!
I wish that they add new/improved punching animations.


Granted, but the punch is so amazing that the game keeps playing the animation in slow motion so that you appreciate it’s greatness.
I wish that 47 can use dual wielding weapons.


I said I wouldn’t mind not that I really want to see them. I’m not going to go seek them out.


actually we only learned about the last 3 missions after Marrakesh released


Granted you can dual wield screwdrivers to your hearts content.

I wish it was November


granted, but then hitman 2 gets cancelled

i wish for the ability to purchase unlocks in hitman (like in blood money) instead of getting the unlocks by leveling up (like in HITMAN)


granted, but you purchase them with real money.

i wish for more unlockable Suits.


granted. these new suits can now be unlocked by opening lootboxes.

i wish for regenerating health to be removed and the kevlar vest, painkillers and adrenaline to be in HITMAN 2, along with a visible health bar.


Granted, but your wish will be rejected unless all of the Hitman fans bought PC,PS and Xbox CE’s at the same time.

I wish blending system will be improved.


granted, 47 will now have more fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients he can put in a blender to create more delicious smoothies and juices.

i wish for a hallucinogenic vial and a hallucinogenic syringe.

instead of making the victim dead, asleep or sick, it makes them panic for a short period of time. it also makes them stop being able to detect you during that period (e.g. if you are trespassing, doing something illegal, or they are an enforcer).


Granted but you will ruin their life by screwing up their brain and nerve system

I wish for someone to post a video of a toilet hitting General Zaydan


I guess nobody cares that.

It’s irrelevant with Hitman 2


Ok I Wish for a way to kill a target with a exploding toilet


Granted, all ducks will be replaced with miniature toilets!

I wish we could chose between all possibly colored neckties!


Granted you have all the colours to pick from on this chart

I wish for new guns to be retroactivley added to the old maps in the legacy pack for a huge final variety in game.


Granted because they are probably doing that anyway
Feel free to take my wish


OT: i personally don’t consider this to be bad. the black suit and red tie is the only suit 47 should wear. fuck all of the other suits like the cowboy outfit and santa claus outfit and the level-specific suits. they’re overrated. the only suit that is acceptable other than the default one is the VIP patient suit, because he is trying to blend in at the hospital.

granted, IOI have removed all guns from the new maps and put them in the old ones.

i wish to have an impact rubber duck. it would function the same as the exploding golf ball. if you throw it, it explodes when it lands.


Granted but when 47 touches it will it go ka-boom

I wish for more forum injokes after HITMAN 2 is released


Granted, but all that jokes will be done in really embarrasing, cringy and not funny way.

I wish for removable silencers just like in absolution.