Season 3 corrupt a wish


Granted but you wont be able to reattach them.

I wish for an electric rubber duck and one that does not electrocute 47, does not cost real money or require grinding, always works properly and is fully glitch and bug free.


Granted but you Carnot use it on a target.

I wish for io to tell us that time travel is real and we time travel into the future so we can play hitman 2 sooner


Granted but by running into yourself you create a time paradox resulting in a universe where IO never existed.

I wish for a Mumbai teaser


Granted but Mumbai level will deleted after releasing teaser.

I wish IOI add me to Hitman 2 as an ET


Granted, but only way to kill your avatar would be drowing in public toilet and animation will be bugged, looped and endless.

I wish for more dialog between 47 and targets like one in Thailand level.


Granted but all the dialogue is long pointless small talk or long-winded stories about the NPCs day.

I wish for a Metal Gear Solid/Hitman cross over, because I am all out of ideas


Granted! It’s a $300 standalone DLC for Hitman 2 made by the Metal Gear Survive team with a budget of $4400 to make the game. You stand in an empty warehouse playing as Solid Snake’s great grandson’s twin from another dimension killing hordes of reanimated targets from the history of the Hitman series. :woman_zombie:

I wish that every disguise in Hitman 2 will allow you to talk to a few NPCs for helpful information


You were supposed to subvert my wish not dream up a twisted nightmare from the Negative Universe.

But I grant your wish everyone in the game now talks backwards giving costume exclusive information.

My wish is up for grabs


Haha I’m sorry. Ask and you shall receive!!

I like that. Agent 47 will need a translator device that will take up an load out slot to understand anyone. Must be equipped at all times. Unlock on level 1000

I’ll do another:
I wish for Hitman 2 to have more options inside the contract builder. Similar to stuff in some of the escalation missions.


Granted, but to get them you need to do every single Escalation and buy the “Contracts +” DLC for £30.
I wish for 47 to use a wig in order to have a better disguise.


Granted, but the wig is pink and ugly like it has been drawn by a kid.

I wish for a full reload when reloading the 1911 (ICA19 and Silverballer) Pistols. Like 47 did in Bloodmoney


Granted but 47 can’t use them, only guards can use and when guards killed they’re doesn’t drop his ICA19 nor silverballer.

I wish they’ll add any IOI worker as an ET.


Granted but it is the janitor

I wish for a more powerful explosive item that can be blown up remotly


Granted, but it’s so powerful that it blows up the entire level, killing you, and everyone else.
I wish for a sniper rifle with only one bullet that goes through walls, people, and kills everyone in one shot even in the leg.


Granted but the sniper rifle always jams when you try to fire it
In honour of the new ETs for H2 I wish for a robotic Sean Bean that fires frick’n laser beams from his head and suicide bombs when it goes into low health.


Granted, but his laser beams are harmless and his “suicide bomb” is just cheap fireworks.
I wish for someone else to take my wish :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish not granted duo to unknown error

Therefore I must make a wish.

I wish for 7 ET on Miami alone


Granted, but there are only 7 ET’s and they are all locked behind paywalls.
I wish that an ET in HITMAN 2 is Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons


Granted, the instant the mission begins he steps on a rake that hits him so hard he dies
My wish is up for grabs


I wish for season 2 that we can finally kill one of the guys from the cutscenes, speaking about the two providence guys or the shadow client.