Season Of The Disruptor (2024) - Summer Roadmap

Yeah, I’m in complete agreement here, this is a stupid decision to have it only available from watching certain streamers. Yet another PR move to add to the already long list of baffling PR moves from this update.

This is also not mentioned on your site’s patchnotes either:


I’d say it was a stupid decision to have items locked behind twitch streaming to begin with, but that’s a different story.


Honestly the people streaming Hitman are probably more annoyed about this than us, since they don’t get any exposure while all those guys playing Fortnite, Minecraft or whatever get recommended officially by IOI instead for some reason :x


Yeah, sorry to say, but in this regard, communication hasn’t been exactly stellar so far. I unlocked both when they were live the first time, but if I hadn’t, I’d be extremely frustrated.


my girlfriend managed to unlock them again this time but thats because she put one of the streamers on her phone and then just left to go do something else


Think you’re all being a bit harsh on IOI Comms here. I follow the official IOI Twitter account and I am very much aware that Malmo had a lovely bake sale last week and that Bring Your Daughter To Work Day was a huge success recently in Barcelona.


Sadly a bit of a Google search reveals that this is just how combatglue operates.

Apparently during his stint with Bloodhunt, people were complaining about the lack of communication going on as well - and how he was using his role to promote his own personal Twitch account, regularly making his stream one of the only ones you could watch to get Twitch Drops.

So I guess he’s directly to blame for this bullshit with the reactivated suit/duck Drops since he’s on the list of streamers currently tied to it.


Oh well    


Good thing they’re actually useless items that are just reskins of stuff we already have… “Useless” due to their redundancy.

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Yeah, but still annoying to completionists like me who must have everything.


siiigh, imagining this potential Plot Twist: Hitman 3 VR Reloaded is exclusive to Meta Quest. Hitman WOA VR? Releases across all platforms and adds PSVR2 support :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am definitely very normal and sane about this :crazy_face:
(Anyway, why do VR platforms even have exclusives, I mean, even Playstation only have verrry few. VR is a niche platform. Feels weird to section off specific games when the market isn’t all that big yet anyway from what I’ve heard)

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Again, this is not good. Ironically, i’m not even against the fact that only few streamers can let you get these drops, but how it’s almost impossible to get them if no one of them stream the game.


Yikes. Just…yikes.

This doesn’t bode well.


I am. The twitch drops should just be per-game for something like this, and not per-streamer. I can understand the reason why the option exists Twitch-side (so official streams can do drops without needing to do it game-wide, that may be more desirable in some cases).

But this way? Nah, this is just exclusionary for streamers who actually play Hitman, and annoying for the end-user as they have to find streams that specifically have the old items as drops. It’s madness.


Didn’t know where to mention this but you can now get the suit and duck on any channel


Can confirm, this is a change from the last hours.


if only there was some sort of account of some kind, maybe on a large social media platform, that couldve announced this using a post of some kind, like a “bleet” or something. so that people who dont go on this niche internet forum could know that they have another chance at these unlocks without having to resort to watching specific channels. but ah such mystical sites are surely only available in the wide world of the human imagination, and even if so theyd be so difficult to update players with a simple 180 word post that the person running it shouldnt even bother and should just let the most recent post be from late last month


The latest update sadly introduced some more bugs here and there :grimacing:

I hope it will be fixed…someday :sweat_smile:


Hey, so apparently 2 weeks ago, Jane Perry and David Bateson held a live signing of various Diana/47 images. I had zero clue and that would have been fun to tune into.

You can still buy a personalized autograph from Jane Perry of Diana though! So… good for the super fans out there.


I saw this and I was lucky enough to get one of the photos live signed by the Legend himself David Bateson :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the video at 24:50 where he gives me a shout out :wink:

The photo should hopefully be with me in a few weeks, so I’ll post a photo once it arrives :grin: :raised_hands:t2: