Season pass hitman 2 dont download


I bought the hitman 2 season pass yesterday, but when I clicked the download button, nothing happened. I tried everything and the season pass is not on add ons either. Help!

If On Console Search for every DLC in the search bar.

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I did, but only the hitman 1 Maps appear…

Did you go to the store and search for the dlc names like Swing said.

Could you provide a screenshot of what comes up when you go to the store and search Hitman - New York.

Since you own Expansion Pass, these are the dlcs that are currently available to download.

New York, Hantu Port, Siberia, Special Assignments Pack, Winter Sports Pack.
You can find these by searching in the store.

Collectors Pack & Executive Pack should be in your add-ons/dlcs list. If not them search for them too in the store.

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Thank you, It worked! I can download it now!

You also have to search manually for when the upcoming Hitman 2 dlcs releases.

Yea, thank you for nowing it now!

Yeah I had same “problem” until figure out you have to download every additional add-on dlc separately (check carefully one by one to get the extra items, suits, levels etc.