Season Two Elusive Targets

Well it wouldn’t make much sense for IO to buy them self and Hitman free from Square-Enix and then just sit on it. Season 2 is happening, especially because IO was already far into it’s development.


Hitman 2 Go :joy:


I was being slightly melodramatic , I fully expect season 2 too happen, but as of yet nothings been officially confirmed :smiley:

Maybe someone from season 1 if they’re not already a target in the main missions.

Helmut Kruger maybe?

I find Kruger being “milked” after Hokkaido enough already. some new original characters would be nice.


How about Tumleh Kruger, Helmut’s evil twin brother.


No more Kruger, I agree, but do want more escaped clones who look exactly like 47 but are world leaders in jobs that are nothing like being an assassin. One per season, please. I want to see, like, a parody of Skrillex or Slavoj Zizek or Garry Kasparov or Steve Jobs who looks just like 47.

I also think they should get David Bateson to do the NPC’s voice. Not 47’s voice exactly, but a goofy voice played by Bateson. Helmut Kruger really should have been voiced by him.


A 48 clone, that is also trying to track and kill 47, that would be a cool ET :sunglasses: but it would be sad if we could only play it once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fully with you. But having the reference to that in Hokkaido was phenomenal just because of the backstory, where the Devs were so shocked at how much the community loved walking the catwalk and being Helmut that they brought him back.

But wouldn’t that make no sense, I thought they’re all dead.

But somehow the recipe survived, and a mad scientist have started a new production of clones to take over the world :sweat_smile:

Said it before (a million times) and I will say it a million times more:

Gary Busey is an indestructible robot man. We did not successfully kill him in Sapienza. We need his crazy ass back for Season 2!

C’mon @Travis_IOI!

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Also, and I know this would be murder on the Io people, but it would be great if they could pull it off. Let’s say once every 5 or so ETs, Io makes an actual new map specifically for that ET. Completing that Elusive unlocks that map with 2 escalation contracts and the possibility of maybe a bonus mission occurring there?

It’s a far-fetched idea, but I thin it would be great.


20 silverballers that I’m gonna shove down the throat of the guy who created the 20 character minimum condition


But 47 has never failed an assignment. It’s an unstoppable object meets an immovable force! :astonished:

To 47, did it look like he failed? If Gary Busey were an indestructible robot man, don’t you think he could do something like fake a stopped heart? A headshot would look like a bullet hit and stayed inside. It is not like 47 would have time to really examine the kill (especially not in my mission).

Under NORMAL circumstances, 47 did not fail. Diana would just inform him that Busey’s claims of being an indestructible robot man seem to have been more than just claims.

I think this is their idea for Mark Faba.

Anyways here are my Celebrity Elusive suggestions.

  1. Mike Myers (Not the killer, the actor)
  2. Bill Nye “The Science Guy”
  3. Eddie Murphy
  4. Rolf from Ed Ed n Eddy

I’m sure people would feel less bad about killing him than Gary Busey.

But then it turns out you can’t actually kill him and instead are forced to listen to a 15 minute speech about ice cream, sea horses and sexuality. :wink:


Rolf would FUCK 47 up

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BTW. There’s already a thread for fan-made elusive targets: