Season two wishlist / predictions

What do you think HITMAN S2 will really be?

More of the same stuff like the lackluster features and awkward sense of humor among the npcs, buggy patches and no focus on 47 whatsoever?

Will it continue the current story or will it be something new, possibly with taking what we’ve been saying to heart? Like slightly darker tone etc.

Will it continue with the spy theme, will the main menu stay the same?

I’m wondering if these seasons will be just glorified map packs or something more than just that.

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as long as they add plate carrying i will be happy


Season 2 is going to be add-on to the game


More disapointment haha.


Darkness, plate carrying, briefcase, photographer, duel silverballers, realistic animations.


Que? What photographer?



More of the same
Voice acting with different nationalities than American and English
Fewer bugs
Some kind of hub or hideout or something, where 47 can try out his weapons. Maybe also functioning as a menu.

That’s basically it for me


The one shown in the announcement trailer.

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What I’d like:
-NPCs reacting to blood pools
-Dual Silverballers
-Voices with AT LEAST accents
-Much better soundtrack
-Some kind of currency system and weapon customization


Agreed! I created a huge blood pool trying to get some kind of reaction from the rest NPC’s being alive but noone seem to give a damn about their friends being slaughtered. :frowning:

I’d love to see the weapon upgrade system from Blood Money or Absolution. I liked that you needed to do contracts to buy upgrades.


I’d like them to add appropriate accents, and go for a different vibe. I’d really, really like Jesper Kyd to come back. I feel he could flip the switch on how the game feels just on soundtrack alone without needing “dark” or “eerie” levels. Current soundtrack isn’t bad, but not very hitman in my opinion. Beyond this I’d just like more features back from previous titles, which are already being mentioned here.


Good unlocks that could be actually used in season 1.


6 new maps, each with an alternative layout (ie: A Gilded Cage/House built on Sand).

Continuation of ongoing story from S1.

More consistant teasers for upcoming content.

Weekly elusive targets and some interesting new suits, not jst ‘the same as you’re wearing - with gloves!!!’.

When we buy a new ‘episode’, let us use the custom suit in other levels.

No more escalations. Just stop it. If you must keep churning them out, at least add some kind of reward for completing x amount of them (new gear/suits).

Weapon modifications on core weaponary, rather than making us unlock 10 slightly different versions of the same gun.

Gear from S1 compatible with S2. New gear unlocked in S2 compatible with older missions in S1.

Unlikely to happen, but lose online only crap and scrap the leaderboards on core missions.

Dual wielding would be nice. Regardless of what IO think, it’s a staple of the franchise.

Briefcase, if it is not already in S1.

Fibrewire/Coins auto-equipped without taking up inventory space. Fix the fibre wire animations.

More blood splatter when 47 shoots someone! I want to see brains plastered across walls! :stuck_out_tongue:


They are an add on in technical terms but will most likely be marketed as a full retail game.

See more info here

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But that’s just speculation, isn’t it?

it is but they made it more than clear it was a long term project meant to be a platform.

and educated guess is that each season would be akin to expansion packs. which are really not quite dlc but not quite a full game. a fair thing to do would charge $40 for season 2 but they’ll most likely charge 60


The marketing side, yes. They can totally not market the game as a “new” retail game and simply name it as an addon and price it accordingly. The technical side, no. The elements of the engine will be the same unless they do an overhaul (which depending on the changes) can takes from months to years. Will we see a significant difference between season 1&2 if they release the game in the next year? No. Not the core elements anyways which is the issue if they decide to market it as a full game.

We’ll most likely see the same level of improvements as Wow expansions or Diablo 3 expansion. which honestly is not huuge but significant enough.

lets just say weapon customization, human shield and plate carryig are more likely than not to appear in season 2

The WoW expansions are £20-£30 which is a fair price and would be fine with that. If these features are added into S2 and carry into S1. That’ll be good. The thing is we know from the time scale that there’s no engine improvements. So it’s all about the price they market it at.

Like you said before, it’s an platform. We’ve got the main foundations, now we need the second floor as such.

If I built an conservatory to my house, I don’t expect to pay the same as the house.


  • New maps, possibly with variants, each with a unique theme/vibe
  • Better music
  • Accents
  • Unlocks working in offline mode
  • Contracts mode improvements (if they don’t come in season 1)
  • New gameplay features (also retroactively added to season 1 maps) like metal detectors, human shield, AI reacting to blood pools and to 47 being caught on camera, briefcase etc…
  • Collecting weapons and disguises from the maps and make them all usable in all maps (allow us to have some fun with it, like going to the fashion show in a hazmat suit and stuff like that)
  • More diverse unlocks, including non-suit disguises from the earlier games

Predictions (worst case)

  • New maps
  • Contracts mode improvements