Season two wishlist / predictions


This guy:

The first trailer depicts him along with other targets. It hints he’s some kind of sicko who’s into murdering women and then taking pictures of their dead bodies.


Yeah… Definitely that’s another trait 47 shares with 007. 47 can be a “different character” every time. I think IOI have mentioned before that each version of 47 has had an internal nickname.

The Absolution Hitman was nicknamed “The Tank” (large bodied, angry, aggressive), and I believe this current Hitman is nicknamed “The Master Assassin” (lean, sly, stylish)


Elusive target, perhaps?


Honestly I would really hope there could be more voice actors/actresses. After all we’re in a “World of Assassination”, and having these familiar voices over and over again kills the immersive environment.


Someone suggested that filenames in the existing game indicate Ireland and Australia as future locations. If so, I’m hoping for one mission set in the Sydney opera house (IO-I do so love regurgitating succesful concepts) and another set in a stormy Irish coastal town, with a cheery tavern, lighthouse and a shipwrecked tanker to explore. Or maybe a stormy castle/mansion, Ireland in Hitman 2016 could be Beldingford Manor 2.0.


I think classic silverballer with a skeleton trigger and some skills, like magnum bullets or mod suppressed sound (like a hard-slow bullets). And suits: Hitman Absolution: Chicago 47 style and South Dakota without tie, buttoned suits, carnivals 47 suit. Just like that.


What file names suggest this? I don’t remember seeing this anywhere. Would absolutly love to see Ireland though, a rural location could be the new Sapienza.


I just got a PM from [anonomous source] saying that info was fake. :frowning:

Still, those two level concepts could work in a future season.

Hopefully we get some info soon, though I won’t hold my breath. :no_mouth:


I don’t expect info before the E3


You’re probably right. Why not announce your game at the same time EVERYBODY else announces their own games, that way, yours is more likely to be lost amidst the bustle and immediately forgotten.

Why not announce your game prior to E3, have a working build of the first episode at E3 for people to interact with and then release that first episode soon after E3?


It’s the event everyone’s there, so it’s pretty smart actually :stuck_out_tongue:


I want electrocution kills like in absolution. Now we destroy a socket in a puddle (how unfortunate) and when the target walks into it he/she just collaps while making a laughable scream. In absolution we attached a whole generator and when the target touches it he goes so crazy that almost his brain explodes, screaming like crazy. That’s what I want, more gore and extremely voilent kills. The only good electrocution kill is the one with Mendola and the phone.


hahahah grow up


hahahah grow up


Dunno how many people will be with me but I truly hope in S2 that sniper kill can become less discouraging for you see in S1, every guards on sight instantly recognize your location and run towards you right after you sniped the targets, making the getaway quite reluctant. Perhaps this should get nerfed a little bit?


Here’s an idea that would probably take too much effort to ever really be feasible but would feed into giving more choice: on the loadout screen, a new option is when 47 can arrive, like for example in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.

Different times can mean slightly different guard routines, different amount of people in different civilian spaces, and targets can have different routines. Like I say though, would probably require a huge amount of effort for something that probably wouldn’t add a huge amount, especially on a map like Sapienza where the changes required would be pretty big, but maybe in a few years time or something.


This, and the illogical Silent Assassin requirements. Just because my target sees me before I kill them doesn’t mean I should lose the never spotted bonus. Dude’s dead. You couldn’t remake Death of a Showman in HITMAN, because god forbid 47 shows his face.


Good point. If the target you killed is the one and only witness, you should not lose Never Spotted Bonus even if he/she saw you were going to kill them.


If this game actually was a “living sandbox” (like GTA5), then that should be possible. Unfortunately, “living sandbox” is just some bullshit label that IO-I have slapped on the game to justify the glacially slow delay before they announce season 2 (or any meaningful new content FTM). :sleeping:

EDIT: that may be a little unfair, but in terms of scale and freedom to explore; if GTA5 is a sandbox, Hitman is the sand that you find in your shoe after a day at the beach.

lol, last year, they were using buzzwords that compared the game to WoW (online world of assassination), now they are courting comparisons to GTA (living sandbox). IO-I must have hired the three blind men from the story about the elephant to do their marketing. :sweat_smile:


Allways making problems out of nothing.