Season two wishlist / predictions


I think they may have possibly played with Time of Day being a user controlled variable (choosing what time you would infiltrate) at some point in development. Unless it was some development build stuff left in.

Maybe it got cut due to time limitations or not being able to implement it right if they ever actually were possibly planning on it.


  • Dynamic time of day:
    • Fixed on level startup

Good point.


We already have a remake of Death of a Showman. It’s called “Conforting Jordan Cross while sitting in the chair” and you can still get SA even if he saw your face. :wink:


HITMAN’s maps = small but incredibly deep
GTA 5’s map = large but so, so shallow :frowning:

What, because I think if you use gay as a derogatory term you need to grow up?


I’m sure there is a non homophobic way to say that but yeah, electrocution kills could have some touching up.


[First clip]



To be honest, both of them are pretty lame.

If a target gets electrocuted I except at least five minutes of agonizing screams. Stuff like “Ooohhh God! It huuuurt so much!” or “Make it stop! Make it stop!”. And the skin should burn and there should be flames and stuff. Followed by the target exploding in some gory chunks with ragdoll physics that makes bounce of walls and other objects.

That would be a true Hitman experience! :grin:


Yeah that doesn’t happen.


I have only 3 wishes for the Hitman genie.

  1. Remove the episodic release. I know this would piss off a lot of fans who like it but this is a personal wishlist and episodic is the primary reason I stopped playing.

  2. Get contracts mode up to speed with ALL the features it introduced in Absolution. Seriously, it’s mind-boggling how it took such a huge step backwards on this.

  3. Release the game as a complete, fully polished, AAA game like they promised S1 to be. Not the beta version everyone had to suffer through for so long (and some feel still are).

THAT would get me back to being excited for S2.


I want a suit called “Underwear”: shorts with rubberducks which has the effect of not being able to bring in any equipment like in Hokkaido. Would open up new challenges for contracts.

Oh and I want contracts to be fixed (so many missing things)


Well… that’s just because the game cheats it’s own mechanics and doesn’t let the Suspicion bar reach full capacity before you shoot him.


Gore, gore and more gore. And hardcore mature content. This game is rated M for mature but even gta III is more mature. What I mean with more mature content, something like this:

We had to take a sawn off arm with us as evidence. We didn’t see that in Hitman 2016 did we?


We’ll need to see the next James Bond movie do it first, of course.



So your argument is… more arms?


I want to jam doors.


I think this game is going for a completely different theme. It would feel pretty out of place. Contracts was much more Dark and Brooding but I wouldn’t really say it’s as much as a spy thriller as HITMAN. As much as I love the dark atmosphere of contracts (it’s probably my favorite in the series), it would feel forced if they just randomly put a level in like Meat King’s Party. I can see it getting a bit darker than Colorado, but I think there’s a very good reason why they aren’t going for Contract’s atmosphere.


So over the edge gritty violence is mature? Okay then.
I don’t blame you, it’s your age.


i wasnt too into the over the top violence in contracts. i think missing from the themes is lots of gambling and sex market. the elites indulge in a lot of gambling and prostitution. and thats a fact of human nature.

some kill opportunities

47 dresses as a dealer and uses a poison card on the target

putting a bomb in an escorts bag


To wrap my opion up: I think Hitman should show us more how the world really is. A dangerous druglord or human smuggler would be a better target than a rockstar, but that’s just how I think about it. Hitman shows us glamour and the good life. I think it’s time season 2 shows us the dark side of the world. Contracts was that dark side; dead clones in puddles of blood, SM prostitutes in cages, hanging bodies and so on. Season 1 is too sweet if you look at that. Still, Hitman is a good and fun game, but I think they can show is more dark stuff if it’s rated M and 18+.


Being able to pull a trigger when in a hiding bin/closet or laying down hiding like in the morgue. If I plant a bomb, mix tape or breach charge and then hide, I would still like to be able to pull that trigger.