Season two wishlist / predictions


I wouldn’t say it’s over the top violence. If I recall correctly there’s only two levels with very harsh violence. I do agree that HITMAN doesn’t really need that level of violence however.
I think I can agree to a certain extent. HITMAN does need some more Decadent targets who have lost all sense of morality, yet they have to be very well written. The targets we have now are a bit too much like Bond villians (with the exception of Cross imo) which i get that’s what they’re going for but as a result some of the targets feel the same to me. Like Strandberg and Novikov (they even look the same). I would like to see Darker targets and atmosphere make a return but I don’t imagine the entire game being dark. At most I can see it happening for one or two levels, maybe even the bonus levels, but not the entire game.
I think if they come up with some middle ground it might work out, however even that may be a bit hard to pull off.


Of course, the well-written part is debatable. He’s almost a caricature. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he would’ve talked about how he’s going to torn down the orphanage to build the Abbiati Land Amusement park.

It’s not easy creating an amoral bastard who’s not a walking cliché.

Besides if 47 would go after the next incarnation of Hitler people would complain about the game getting to soft and how 47 always kills evil people and how this isn’t Hitman but James Bond…


People are getting way too anal about “good” targets. Who likes killing good targets? While 47 won’t give two shits whether his target is good or evil, we aren’t an emotionless bald clone. We already feel for Silvio Caruso and Jordan Cross, despite them being murderous bastards, simply because of a tragic backstory and sort of good writing. We aren’t ready for a good target yet. It’s just the first 6 missions, give it time.

And yeah, the old games had a couple of good guys we had to gun down but easily had the more depraved characters, like the Meat King and the child molesting opera tenor.

Also, I rather liked Abiatti, more in the “I fucking can’t wait till you’re dead on the floor you piece of shit” than “Huh, poor guy. Well, time to do my job”.


I find there must be a balance. Hitman has it’s humor hidden in cynicism. Still it is about murdering for money, and doing so on a few good targets saves it from becoming totally grotesque.


I couldn’t take that guy serious. Peeing on a random grave ? Gloating about how he hates poor people during his confession? It’s like someone hired 47 to kill Dastardly Whiplash.*

*Just a random thought but we totally should have Dastardly Whiplash as an Elusive Target.



Speak for yourself. I didn’t feel a thing when I strangled the life out of them :smiling_imp:

But in all seriousness, I would like to see more targets that don’t feel like “Bond Villains” I mean for the most part, I liked a lot of the ones we got, but with all of them being ‘billionaires’ and such (even some elusives) I was surprised we didn’t see a “Dr. Evil” type target lol

I would like to see some future ones on par with Sturrock, the Beldingfords, Pablo, Hong and Fuchs.

Not everyone has to be this global elite billionaire. Throw in some drug lords, serial killers, corrupt cops and other Hitmen into the picture.

To be fair, I really liked the ET “The Angel of Death” even though she was an old lady (which did add a little humor imo) I really liked her backstory.


Adeze Oijofor was a really unexpected Warlord. The Clown ET that will happen is also pretty unexpected.


Yeah she was, more like her is definitely welcomed by me.

And yes, “The Clown” elusive really does sound promising, really looking forward to that one!


i would like a new life 2.0. but this time the whole neighborhood has a purpose instead of just a few houses. maybe a gated communtiy


Honestly I think that season two will be about as good as the first one. If it continues with the same theme as the first season, then I’m sure we can expect more surreal secret-agent missions in beautifully designed locations around the world. What I’m hoping for is a better, new plotline, and maybe some new features that may be more well designed and generally better than elusive targets and contracts. But I don’t think that it’ll be all that different.


I’m hoping for a few things that have already been mentioned above:
“Darker” targets like serial killers (such as the Meat King’s brother)
More suits
Being able to carry items like plates or rubbish bins
NPCs being able to notice blood
A suburban level like A New Life only bigger and maybe set during Halloween
Human shield, because it can be more useful than choking someone out and praying you can drag the body out of sight before his buddy four feet away stops smoking and turns around
The briefcase to be able to smuggle the sniper rifle around.

Other things like the dual silverballers I’m kind of on the fence about. I mean they’re cool to look at but do they really contribute anything? (I’m actually curious about it).

But above all, I want the explosive “angry” duck. A rubber duck that just has an angry eyebrows drawn on its face with a permanent marker. Seems like a quirky thing 47 would do, let the last thing a target sees is a glaring rubber duck before it explodes at their feet.


That would probably land an X rating. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want an end to Elusive Targets, or rather, the “Elusive” part of Elusive Targets. I mean, I do like the idea behind them, but it commits the sin of it being temporary content, not being permanent content. I get that it arguably spoils to the point of the ETs, but I think it is better for the game overall if these additional targets stayed in and accumulated, rather than easy to miss targets.

I must admit, I’m still not sure if I want Season Two, or if I want Hitman 7 to just be released as a full game on launch. Hell, perhaps even a full game release but with DLC missions even. I am confident though that with Square Enix gone though, hopefully whatever model IOI use, it means it is a little fairer for the consumer.


I could get behind that. Main game and a season pass, or just individual DLC levels, weapons and suits at a reasonable price point.

Put the design emphasis back on offering cool extras people will want to buy, rather than mountains of crappy filler to artificially pad out monthly content drops.


Yeah, I agree. I mean, I like the Escalations and the Featured Contracts, but I just don’t consider it “real” content, so much as stuff you do once you’re a bit bored doing the main missions. The ETs feel like more “real” content to me because it is adding a proper new target into the game, even if it utilises the same level, but do to the temporary nature, they are then gone and never replayable.


An idea for Season 2 could be calling some NPCs with our real names :slight_smile: I would be glad to be in Hitman universe. It would be a great gift for fans


With the revelation that some parts of HITMAN S1 actually depict Korea.

I’m hoping we get a NoKor relevant mission.

The DPRK’s dossier is a gold mine for HITMAN targets:


I think what I want most is a constant flow of new content (like IO did with Season 1 thus far), as well as a more powerful Contract Creator.

Being able to rename NPCs would be great, as well as other stuff. But I already wrote about that somewhere else.

IMO they shouldn’t add too many new gameplay features because it will hurt them in the long run.
They need to test every map from every season to see if it breaks something. At this point I don’t think IO can handle that. They have a strong foundation and just need to build upon that with new content.


Airport map, I think it would be interesting.
A burger suit seen in the first trailer for HITMAN.
People doing their thing before we see it (example : Viktor Novikov goes downstairs when he wants, we don’t have to go through the front door to iniate his routine)