Season two wishlist / predictions


I’ll torture the devs with a suggestion that’s feasible, yet probably annoying to implement:

The ability to visit a location in a period prior to it for the purposes of scouting and stashing certain items in places you know about, effectively replacing the stashing system by requiring you to move the item there before you use it. (Those areas could be marked as concealed areas, or perhaps replace body bins/storage.)

I’m sure that in terms of geometry that’s not too bad, but in terms of engine stuff it’s probably a bridge too far. It’s the one thing I kept thinking about: pre-scouting. Of course it should have consequences if it’s too suspicious or something, but this, again, is probably in the realm of too annoying/difficult, unless there’s a guard or something that flicks on when the drop-spot is active.

Failing that, perhaps just a guard or extra person who looks at an area when the agency stashes things there. A suspicious civilian, or an armed person, doesn’t matter (could vary?), adding a bit of risk to using certain drop/pickup spots.


that would be very professional.


Not a huge fan of that idea. I think it would get old very quickly having to enter the map, run to a certain point, drop off the item and then exit the mission, everytime I wanted to take something like a sniper rifle in.


Not saying have to, suggestion is more making it so there are drops beyond the initial ones that the agency won’t do, so 47 does himself.


For a game about killing people the kills are so underwhelming. Not satisfying in the least. Animations are weak and repetetive (and the latest update seems to have shortened them even more??? Why?), all guns feel like pea shooters. Need to step up your killing game mates.


Another small tweak that’d be great:

Make all the kill related messages appear not one after another but simultaneously. All these endless “Explosion Kill” 5 seconds “Accident Kill” 5 seconds “Unnoticed kill” going for minutes when you kill 3-4 targets in a contract are annoying. Just make them appear all on the right in a column like that:


It’d be so much easier to read how kills went without endless waiting.


Still, even this would not be necessary if IO would’ve put optional SILENT ASSASSIN TRACKER to the HUD settings in order to show to the player if he is still getting SA or not. Kinda like Absolution one but without the score and optional.


See? You can make good points <3


Ya, agreed. Seems kinda contradictory too. The reason the ICA has smuggle points is because 47 can’t move it in himself. If he could do it, then the ICA has no need to smuggle anything.


A lot of my wishes are things a lot have people have said a million times before and/or quality of life tweaks.

  • Make the Elusive Target rewards available to all in some way – either a rerun of S1 ETs, allow them to still be unlocked during S2 during ETs that take place in old locations, or just make a DLC pack. I really want the BM suit. I’ve said this a lot in other threads but I figured I’d put it here too since this is what the thread is for.
  • Sniper Briefcase: Because it’s classic, iconic, and is a fun tweak to gameplay. Duh. In addition to the standard briefcase, I’d love a version of the beta case in which the sniper rifle played Ave Maria
  • Dual Silverballers: I love the Silverballer. I generally don’t even use the dual variant as it just doesn’t seem very useful in stealthy runs. However, it’s also a long running staple of the series. The Requiem suit doesn’t feel complete without the ability to dual wield for instance.
  • Save Default Loadout: This is a quality of life item. One thing that isn’t really a big issue but would be neat is the ability to save a standard loadout. I never want to use the ICA 19. 9 times out of 10, I’m going to choose the Silverballer because that’s the classic pistol of choice for Mr. 47. The other time? I’ll likely be picking the ICA Chrome. Once I unlock the Krugermeier, maybe it’ll drop to 8 times out of 10. The point is that other pistols are the exception, not the rule. So it’d be nice to not have to keep picking Silverballer or whatever your preferred pistol is and just have it ready to go. And same with all of the gadgets. If you never like using the fiber wire and prefer something else – maybe you really love Napoleon Blownaparte or one of the rubber ducks and would like to just roll with it by default – it’d be nice to switch it out. @AGENT4T7 already gets it by default but for other people, it’d be nice to have the option. And same with the outfit. By default, I want to use the Signature suit (if/when I get one of the gloved variants like the BM suit, that would be my default suit) as opposed to the location-specific default suit. Small thing that would just be swell to have.
  • Expert/Custom Difficulty Mode: We can already tweak a number of elements to sort of customize our experience to what we most would enjoy. Hate Instinct? Turn it off. Hate the minimap? Turn it off. Hate all of the challenges and Opportunity info? Turn em off. But if you love those things, turn them on! Simple concept but I’d love to be able to build our own difficulty using customizable gameplay elements. Want cameras to work like like they do in Normal or Pro? Choose one. Do you want trespassing footsteps to be heard? Turn it on or off. Want normal or Pro guard placement? Choose. Do you want Normal or Pro item placement? Choose. Etc. That way, in addition to the HUD elements, you can build your ideal sort of difficulty. I want something a bit more challenging than Normal but I don’t like some of the changes in Pro. For instance, I would play with the Pro Camera system and footsteps on but with normal item placement and normal guard placement. It would also be neat if you could choose how many saves were allowed: infinite, 7, 5, 3, 1, or even none if you want to make a mode even tougher than Pro already is.
  • Office Building Location: I really want to see a vertical level. Thus far, we usually only get 4 floors and often the basement/sub level is much smaller than the rest. Most levels are big but not very vertical. I’d love a level taking place in the uppermost floors of a skyscraper office building. Working elevators (plus elevator hatches to climb up out of or down into), like 5-7 floors, a big cityscape out the windows, cubicles, closed office rooms, janitorial closets, bathrooms, and board rooms.
  • Fiber Wire Change: This is unlikely but I wish fiber wire worked more like the old games – hold the attack button down to unwind the wire and make it taut, let go to strangle the person. Of course, I want it to still go from the kill into a seamless drag body but yeah. For such an iconic weapon it’s a shame that 1. It’s invisible and 2. You don’t get that small thrill of holding the button down and getting the wire ready for the kill. It’s just a wham, bam, thank you ma’am quick and sudden kill that isn’t nearly as satisfying as it was in the older games IMO.
  • Longer Character Limit for Contracts: 500 characters is pithy. I want to create contracts with briefings that sound like a real briefing you would hear from Diana in this game which are at least double that character limit but probably even more.
  • More Contract Outfits: I really wish we could unlock some of the unique outfits from levels to use as a suit, at least in Contracts mode. The Plague Doctor, Vampire Magician, the Harlequin, the Fortune Teller, etc. It would also be a lot of fun to see some older outfits return as well – the Crow and Yellow Bird outfits from BM, the Scarecrow outfit from Absolution, the Clown from BM, the Triad outfits from C47/C, a Heaven suit and a Hell suit from BM, etc. Not all of these necessarily… but they did put the bird into Absolution and at least the ones from this game wouldn’t take much extra work to make usable for Contracts if not any level.
  • Blackballer: Again, I usually use the Silverballer but some people have been waiting for this so it’d be nice to get this finally.


If this would ever come to fruition, leaderboards and SA rating need to be disabled to make it fair online.


Custom Difficulty could be just for personal use. Sort of like an offline mode (even if the game still requires an online connection).

Does that make sense? So after beating a level using your custom difficulty, there would be no leaderboard tab because there are none for this difficulty, just the two official ones. So you can still get an SA rating, it just wouldn’t count toward anything.


Well since the SA rating is connected to online, it shouldn’t be given out in offline with custom options. If you’re going to play offline AND want an SA rating, I think the gameplay options should be set on default.


If such gimmicky and petty things block the progress and enjoyment of the game - disable them altogether, preferably forever. I’m talking about the leaderboards and “online fairness” (FOR A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!).


Not only that… not everybody enjoys it. I know I won’t.

This sounds like that Open World issue about not allowing any fast travel “so that players can experience the drudgery of walking everywhere like for the sake of realism” only for players to decry later that it’s too much work.


As much as you’d like it to be strictly single player, it’s not. It can also be played competitively. Don’t forget. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And also don’t forget the “meetings” that take place whenever an elusive occurs.
We’re practically an ICA department now the way this game is operating. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like the fiber change and longer character limit and other silly roleplay related things


They are low priority anyway and are more like QoL changes that don’t affect anything else.

As for “Preserving leaderboards” and “keeping online fairness”, things like that affect the probability of big changes coming in and that is bad.

Gameplay should be the top priority, not “not upsetting the guys who love leaderboards”.


This game has a competetive side to it, like it or not.

And yes gameplay should be top priority, and balancing the gameplay is part of that. Only big thing it would affect is custom modes. Which shouldnt count towards leaderboards anyway since it custom.

But instead of having the leaderboards disabled for such modes, you want the leaderboard to be removed all together.
Which is absurd since lots of people love it and it adds to the game