Season two wishlist / predictions


What? Are you getting at it again, Fortheseven?

Saying it’d be easier to disable leaderboards if they block the big gameplay changes from coming in and calling for IOI to remove them are 2 vastly different sentences.

Thank you, Captain Obvious!


And the only big gameplay changes it could block are custom modes, to which they could simply disable it.

That’s something else then:

You seemed to need a reminder


TL;DR (specially for Fortheseven): Gameplay > Competitive Part

AI changes would affect all the modes. So would new gameplay mechanics (e.g. bullet distractions).

Anything that changes the core features affects the leaderboards and I have a nagging feeling that IO Interactive removed/decided not to add some good mechanics in order to keep the leaderboards fine.

Yes, that also includes your favorite Wallbang which was removed “to preserve the balance”.

Now you get me when I say that paying too much attention to the balance in a single-player game negatively affects the gameplay?


Jup, but as long as it doesn’t disrupt the balance it is all good. Balance > simply adding stuff because some people find it cool

Like what? Don’t say point shooting or human shield, those aren’t good mechanics. And if something would really disrupt the balance, then indeed it shouldnt get implemented.

Had absolutely nothing to do with balance

And not paying attention at all to the balance negatively affects the gameplay aswell.

And you keep saying single player game like it means something, repeat that how much u want, there is still a competetive side to hitman, and thus balance is very important. Alot more important than some silly features.


It’s useless to argue with you. You’re once again arguing with some imaginary roleplayer who isn’t even present in this thread.

Gee, thanks, I’d have never guessed that adding crap mechanics/tools like bubblegum and point shooting would ruin the game. Such an insight.

I couldn’t care less about roleplayer shit you describe.

Like bullet distractions which were removed for no particular reason other than “newbies can’t do this”.

Same goes for Lancer. It had nothing to do with balance yet they cleaned all the leaderboards because the latter are, probably, more important than gameplay.

If you are not going to actually read into what I post here - I’m not going to respond any further.


No i am arguing against:

You seem to need every bit of help you can get

… The reason it got removed wasn’t because of balance issues like you stated. And i didn’t agree with the lb whipe back then either, since it only affected 1 single mission.


Bullet distractions were removed for item distraction balance. Instead of actually finding an item to use for distractions, a bullet was used, thus rendering items for distractions, obsolete. So they felt it was severely OP’d.

So they brought it somewhat back by having in close bullets impact having a distraction and the gun shooting sound have a distraction. But that’s the reason it was removed, not because of no particular reason.


A thought that came in my mind, I’m pretty sure a ton of effort goes into making escalations and elusive targets and there are separate teams for making these as well(just my thought) It would be great if they used all manpower to make locations in Season 2, released them without any live content(hardly 10-15℅ of players play these, most players want new locations) and after all locations are released, they introduce live content who are now hooked to Hitman.
Just my stupid thought no hate pls :grinning:


Wish to have more mission, < 12 mission maybe. Each mission unique & immersive.
Sniper Suitcase.
Human shield
Metal Detector
Dual wielding
1st person mode.
Bind keys system to change weapons (No need to go to inventory every time)*
Better Soundtracks or Jesper kyd lol.

*Bind keys system to change weapons:
Bind key 1 = Fibre wire, syringe, melee weapon etc
Bind key 2 = silverballer, pistol etc
Bind key 3 = smg, mp5 etc
Bind key 4 = m4, ak47, sniper rifle etc
Bind key 5 = c4, bomb, etc
If you press the bind key twice, it will change to next weapon.
Just like in bloodmoney system.


I’d like the manual fibre wire to return(& the physical wire of course :wink: )
By that I mean like the old games where you equip it , ready it & strike. It felt more visceral & like my button presses were tied to what was happening on screen. So maybe(L2 on the Ps4) to ready & (R2 on Ps4) to kill when near the target.

Maybe he’ll just garrotte thin air if he’s not near anyone.

Also holding down R2 longer for longer strangle animations & approaching from different angles to get different animations.

Just a thought I had. In professional mode you have to subdue certain people to get items you wanted but pickpocketing would allow us to bypass that & allow more ways for no k.o runs & for more variety in those runs.

More logical item placement like rat poison in a store cupboard say or disguises hidden in lockers. :slight_smile:



I’d really like that a lot! And it would be even better if you had to hit a few (always random) sequence of buttons, for the “struggle” where the target could possibly escape if you failed enough of the sequence.

For example (for PS4)

Your idea (L2 to get it ready and R2 to strike)
Followed by; circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Square, X. (Again sequence would be random every single time.)

There are many ideas I have regarding this (or at least add on to it) anything where it’s like a very short mini game during the whole Fiber Wire animation.

Maybe also (while holding L2 + R2) you’d have to use the directional buttons to go either
:arrow_backward::radio_button: :arrow_forward:

And you would have to control the “tension” meter from escaping the “:radio_button:” by moving left or right at the appropriate times.

Ahh… so so many ideas regarding this!! I absolutely love the Fiber Wire already. But adding something along the lines of these examples? (yours included)

@Travis_IOI maybe “In the near future?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you ever played the game “The Warriors” the little mini game you enter when you go to pick locks, something like that would be cool too!

The tumblers spin clockwise and counterclockwise at random speed and you hit “A” (or whatever) when it’s in the red.


What? Am I reading this right? You want to play a Mini game just to do the wire animation? If that’s what is being said, I can’t agree with that. The furthest I can go with it is to have it like subdue where you have to spam the button and not doing so allows the target to break free. Alekhines Gun does this and was cool to do.

But that’s as far as I would go with it. Playing a mini game where it’s random just to use the wire would not only be annoying to me, but likely have people avoid using the wire.

I think that’s going a little too far with a weapon.


No, I think you may be misunderstanding me…

Im saying you would get the target in the hold regardless (pressing L2 to tighten the wire and R2 to strike)

By pressing R2 the target would most definitely be in the hold. However, you would have to complete the sequence successfully. (IMO that would add some “tension”) rather than just “X” he’s dead…

It may be random (at times) but that would be the beauty of that particular weapon. If some would find that unappealing… well then, fair enough. But I personally wouldn’t see anything wrong with having 1 weapon (Fiber Wire) having that ability.

If anything I think it would make it more fun to use. And when I say “mini game” don’t mistake that like I mean; it would be a 2min thing lol I’m taking literally 5-6 seconds tops, of a game to test your reflexes.

Which if you think about it, you would really need good reflexes to use a weapon like that irl. Yes I know it’s just a game, but even still. Just a 5-6 second thing to add “tension” and to represent the targets “struggle”

If one were to use the Fiber Wire, why wouldn’t you want that extra adrenaline rush? Again, I’m not saying all weapons should be like that, but if 1 weapon from the game would be??

DEFINITELY the Fiber Wire. You don’t have to agree, that’s fine, I’m just throwing the idea out there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m glad you like the idea. I too contemplated a brief mini game style option but I have to say I think Iike what immadummee was saying, that you mash a button like subdue.
It adds to the feeling of using the fibrewire but doesn’t over complicate things & adds a consistency to the choking mechanic in line with the subdue mechanic :slight_smile:


Because I don’t want that adrenaline rush,. I’m a highly trained legendary assassin, I’ll kill a person using a fiber wire 1000 times out of 1000. Mini-games are useless and unneeded.


Actually, you just play as one :wink:
But alright, fair enough. Again, I’m just throwing the idea out there.


You should stick to shining shoes bro


Let me just pickup showel out of your ass.


Ha, that’s your job, remember pal?

This is a thread for predictions and “wishlist” That’s what I did, you don’t have to agree. I regret nothing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish someone from IO would confirm season two in progress and maybe hint at first location. Something/Anything to get the speculation wheel spinning again.