Season two wishlist / predictions


I think this is a cool idea in theory, but gameplay wise I wouldn’t want it. If anything, I would want the wire tightening/readying feature back, but that could be a potential headache too. Remember in the old games if you missed it you’d run around in circles trying to catch the target?

It already results in a punch if you attack from the wrong angle. Having it be part of the animation before he strangles them as well as new and slightly longer animations would probably be the best implementation. Maybe even being able to use it from the front, except you’d be spotted. Doesn’t really make sense for 47 to screw up a fiber wire kill, and that Sanchez nonsense from Absolution doesn’t count :grinning:

On an similar note, regarding QTE’s, I wish we’d just be able to knockout guards with completion of the QTE sequence like Absolution. Having to hit them on the ground to finish them off makes hand-to-hand versus two or more practically impossible. It’s a comical see-saw effect that just keeps looping. But on the other hand, the knockout feature is cool due to the legshot tricks you can pull off…so I don’t have much else to say about it.


I had a question around this. Was there a point to tightening the wire before getting ready to eliminate a target in previous games? As far as I remember, it was more of a cosmetic and cool feature and did not contribute to gameplay. I could be wrong though.

Edit: Did tightening the wire result in quicker executions by any chance? I do remember an instant, neck snap animation using the fiber wire, but I am not sure if that was because of tightening the wire beforehand.


I suspect it was just there to look cool.

Which it did.

Never underestimate the value of making something look cool.


It actually took me longer than I want to admit to get the hang of the Fiber Wire because of that. I kept thinking the animation to tight was THE animation to choke so I always bumped the target.

Didn’t use the wire as much cause of it. I’m glad it is a little more straight forward cause that is one of my favorite methods


It was purely cosmetic, at least for Blood Money. If you walked up behind a target and attacked without tightening it, it’d be the same result. If it came back, I could see it being part of the animation that way it’s still cool without effecting gameplay too much. Of course, I would rather have visibility and a more believable animation than what we have currently though.


i wish they have more blend in spots on the maps and maybe even a standing only blend in animation, that was costume specfic. Maybe it could be used to be ignored.


It’s something I’ve never been 100% on either side of, but personally, I can’t help but think I would still prefer Season 2 to just be a full game on release rather than the episodic structure. I’d rather have a game with a nice rounded number of say, a dozen missions, ranging from medium to large, rather than Season 1 were the mission sizes range from tiny (ICA missions, The Icon), to small (Landslide, A House Built on Sand), to medium (Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido), to large (Paris, Marrakesh), to massive (Sapienza).

Saying that though, it does seem like Season Two will be another season, so I guess if we’re going on the assumption that this will be another 6 episode affair (not sure if they would try and do another “bonus” episode), I guess really my wish would be to have all 6 episodes all be at least Paris/Marrakesh sized, rather than have half the episodes feeling pretty big and the other half just medium sized.

I also can’t help but think it would be cool to each location have a main mission and a side mission with each episode released, really try and get the most bang out of each mission, since I’d hate to just have 6 missions and the other missions feel small and lacklustre. A bit like bonus missions but actually utilise the whole map twice, and basically have it built feeling like it was made for both missions, although again, this is if every episode was the size of Marrakesh, and I guess would be difficult if any missions took place in a single building like Paris, Bangkok, and Hokkaido all do, rather than a location like Sapienza and Marrakesh do.

Also, normal and pro modes in from the start, with pro mode designed with Season 2 in mind rather than awkwardly bolted on the game afterwards.

It’s a weird thing to say, but really, I don’t want Season 2 to reinvent the wheel. I feel like Season 1 got 95% of Hitman correct, and stuff like the sniper briefcase shouldn’t be that hard to put into the next game. I think the graphics are good enough that aside from a little polish between games, I don’t see the need to do an engine revamp for Seasons 2 and 3. I just want Season 2 to have more from Season 1 really, with a focus on bringing more quantity to the table while also bringing little tweaks as well.


This is what a lot of people thought would happen when a leaked presentation demonstrated the brick system in the game engine, which is how The Icon and House Built on Sand were made to deviate from the base maps. It would have been awesome if IO-I had focused on making one extra level for each map, rather than lots of crappy elusive targets, but that’s the route they decided to follow, so “meh”. :neutral_face:

I want season 2 to focus on single player, offline gameplay.


I want agent 47 to visit unique locations/countrys he never visited. Places like South Africa, Australia, Korea or something like that. Places we have never seen before.


It would seem weird though that 47 visits not only same cities but also exact same parts of the cities to perform hits.
I didn’t quite like how they used Sapienza three times in HITMAN.I mean,Landslide and World of tomorrow were great but it just felt unrealistic.
If every location had it’s bonus mission if would be too much for me.


Landslide and The Icon were both lame. But that’s just my opinion. Quite impressed by A House Built on Sand tbh, really great job. But the whole bonus mission idea is a waste of space. Rather have 9 story missions, usefull for the story and more variation, than 6 story and 3 bonus missions, and only six maps. When I saw the first screen (see image below) I thought we would get two unique story missions in every country. 2 missions in France, 2 in Italy and 2 in Morocco. But, it was yet again a disappointment. :pensive:


It probably takes a lot more resources to create a story mission than a bonus mission, so you’d probably only end up with 1 extra story map if there were no bonus missions. Also, don’t forget Final Test :smile:


I just don’t think that can happen underneath an episodic release. That’s my point, I think if Season 2 is a Season, 6 episodes is all we are going to get, so my suggestion is to at least try and get the maximum out of those 6 episodes.


I would venture to say that ‘A House Built On Sand’ was as good as or even better than a story mission. When we say “story mission”, I think what we are primarily looking at is the presence of a new location. :slight_smile:

If we get 6 new locations in Season 2, and then some locations from Season 1 were reused for story missions, we could end up with 9 story missions.

PS: Final Test was a pretty good mission too!


Why do you think Landslide was lame?


Too crowded, and almost all crowd members act unnatural. Most of the ones walking around look like zombies. And the light is not so good ether, way too bright orange in some places. Parts I like are the stage and the bright sky (not the sun) and the targets personality, but the rest is meh. Maybe too much hype for just a bonus mission. I don’t know. I don’t like the vibe that much because most crowd members look silly and the sun is ugly bright.


ahhhhh man! :heart:

its amazing to see how C47’s music still holds up to this day :smiley:


Let’s hope with Square not at the wheel that IO maybe gives us some “back to the roots” 47 missions. Dark, Rainy and lethal. Relentless 47.


See, as much as I’d like a return to a Contracts kindof atmosphere, I feel like I wouldn’t want it for every mission in Season 2. One thing I think Season 1 does very well is that the 6 locations all feel extremely different from each other with them being set in 6 different locations. I’d love to see one location in Season 2 really feel like a Contracts mission, heavy rain, desolate and deprived setting with lots of grime and a target who is a real fucked up psycho, but I don’t want every mission to feel like that.


One or two “dark” levels would be wonderfull! But I would like to see all of them be more intense this time around rather than the overall lighthearted, PG feeling of S1. As has been said many times, more intimidating, evil targets with a backbone would be welcome and help immensely in getting there.