Season two wishlist / predictions


I don’t want all levels to be dark either. Just mix it up.

  • Animation overhaul
  • Better pistol sounds
  • A revolver . . . just because they’re cool


Considering that London is highly anticipated as a new destination, infiltrating the MI6 headquarters would be an outstanding challenge for 47… Imagine all the easter eggs.


Fun fact about the MI6 headquarters, in the Bond film The World Is Not Enough, the building gets blown up in the film. When the film was being shown to MI6 staff, apparently they all cheered when the building exploded.


Isn’t it blown up in Skyfall? I thought The World Is Not Enough was the one with the oil pipes.


It gets partially blown up in the pre-credit scene in TWINE.


Ah, okay, I haven’t seen it for ages, my mistake.


Also hoping for a level in London, but would prefer Houses of Parliament with Big Ben as a sniping point. :smiley:


That would be pretty amazing, but I’d prefer for some kind of posh shopping street, similar to Sapienza, with a main office for some company.



So here is my ultimate wishlist for Season 2 I’ve been thinking about for the past few months :grinning:

1. Bigger Maps


I dunno, I think Sapeinza is a big enough map as it is. Personally, I’d love to see 6 maps all the size of Sapienza, aim for more consistent map size.


Oh sorry, it got replied by mistake somehow. I will post my list later :slight_smile:


Somewhere in Australia or New Zealand would also work out perfecfly for a level like that :slight_smile:


I think that even with high expectations, we will be surprised.
For Season One, they created multiple trailers, Instagram/Twitter accounts for teasing and, of course, a music clip. What’s next, gentlemen ?


Part of me is still worried that IO is going bankrupt. So I’m trying to be not to excited for Season 2 in case it never happens. The long silence isn’t really helping. Even the smallest bit of info about Season 2 would be really appreciated.


Didn’t they mention vacation recently? I’m anticipating hearing something in September.


i got an idea for the loadout: a concealable silencer! It will not be detected during frisks you can take it anywhere, and you can screw it on Bartolis and other handguns.

E.G. in Paris, to gain ‘legitimate’ access to the second floor, you’re going to be frisked. But as your silencer won’t be detected you can find another pistol on the second floor and attach your silencer to it. Just an idea


That’s a nice idea, and then we can get the silenced Bartolli so many people want.


Personally, I would love to see a slot system for your inventory. For example, you have ten slots in total and every item takes up a certain amount of slots. Example: one coin takes up one slot, a pistol takes up two slots, a wrench takes up three slots, etc… depending on the size of the item.