Season two wishlist / predictions


That would be way too overpowered


What do you mean? In what way?


Going by your example you could take a coin, 2 duck, napoleon and breaching charges with you. That is way too overpowered and undermines the loadout management.

It is absolutely perfect as it is right now


The numbers were just an example, that’s why I added the word ‘example’ twice. It doesn’t have to be that specific number.

Also, in the current game, you can carry 10 hammers, 15 soda cans, 8 wrenches at the same time. My system would prevent you from doing that.


Why would you want to change it in the first place when the balance right now is perfect?

So? What is the point in that? Why would you want to prevent that


I don’t think the balance is perfect.

Because it’s too overpowered.


So where is the flaw according to you?

10 hammer is overpowered? Lol what are you even talking about. Being able to carry 10 hammers is in no way, shape or form overpowered.


I just don’t agree with the fact that three tiny coins take up as much space as a hammer or a pistol.

So carrying the items from your first quote is way too overpowered, but 10 hammers isn’t? I don’t get it.


What are you gonna use 10 hammers for unless you’re a noob ?


Ah, the ancient battle of gameplay vs realism. Spoiler: Gameplay wins.

Yes, it does not make sense realistically that 3 coins take up the same space as a pistol. However, it makes perfect sense gameplay wise. And as stated above, gameplay always wins, and therefore, it should stay as it is and is perfect.

Are you serious? First off, going with your suggestion, i would be able to start with those items in my list. Unlike the 10 hammers. Secondly, the items in my list are amongst the strongest and most useful weapons/tools, especially the coins are already stupidly powerful. Hammers are not. Does not matter if you have 1 or 10 of them.

See the difference?


I see our opinions and points of view are at opposite ends, so I guess there’s no point in continuing this discussion.


You can’t really argue against the 2nd part tbh


More cutscenes of 47 being by himself. They show how he is and built up his character. We had plenty of them in the old games but none in Hitman season 1. It’s cool to see him reading his briefing or packing his stuff and shit. Watching what 47 does when not on a mission.


Contains: Conspiracy theories, strong opinions, ideas, and a wishlist.

For Season 2, I would really like to see some of the locations mentioned around the game, such as Kronstadt Industries, the industry that produced KAI as mentioned in ‘Situs Inversus’ and also the Ether Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa as also mentioned in ‘Situs Inversus’ and also seen in the briefing for ‘The World of Tomorrow’. Also an oil rig for Hamsun Oil, as Ken Morgan was a lawyer for in ‘Club 27’ and the oil rig was seen in the briefing for ‘Freedom Fighters’ showing an oil rig in the North Sea and also some sort of embassy in New Zealand that Sean Rose was responsible for.

Perhaps also a location to do with Haven Corporate Services as they were also a client for Ken Morgan too. But for the Ether Headquarters in Johannesburg, how about a location for the private security militia ‘CICADA’ or another location to do with IAGO, of how they might have resurfaced? Or in season 2, the location of the vault that was seen in the small clip after the mission ‘A Gilded Cage’ as shown with "New York, 2 Days Later’.

I don’t know to be honest, I would love to see a headquarters for Providence or a ‘throwback’ if you will to one of the season 1 maps as IO Interactive did say they would, something for Hokkaido or the militia camp in Colorado, for a showdown or for a more important target, not to be repeated, or a throwback to a location like Sapienza where 47 has to go back because he missed a piece of evidence or he has to go back because Diana might have been kidnapped just like Thomas Cross, and 47 has to go back to old and new places solving riddles. Like going to Jordan Cross’ penthouse in Dumbo, New York and actually seeing if Jordan killed Hannah on his own or wasn’t persuaded by the mystery figure we keep seeing all the time, because he seems connected to everything. Or maybe to go into London and track down Olivia Hall to interrogate her about the mystery figure, just seems like a slight possibility.

I’m sure someone gets me.

Another thing I’d like to see for season 2 is to see some of the characters mentioned and shown in season 1, such as Olivia Hall, the hacker from ‘Freedom Fighters’. Thomas Cross as shown briefly in the ‘Club 27’ briefing, being mentioned in the mission itself and then shown in the clip in the airport where he was mentioned that he was kidnapped and his offshore bank accounts were then drained.

Another character I’d like to see is ‘Cobb’ or known as Eugene Cobb who is only mentioned for a brief moment in the cutscene after ‘A Gilded Cage’ and also in the cutscene after ‘The World of Tomorrow’. As mentioned his plane crashed labelled as an ‘accident’, but then in the tornado shelter in ‘Freedom Fighters’ he shown again as missing but for only Diana to say that most assassinations were branded as accidents or unsolvable, what if this ‘Cobb’ has been assassinated by the mystery figure? That’s something I’d like to see and know.

Another bunch of mentioned characters I’d like to see is the ‘Highmoores’ as mentioned in the briefing for ‘Club 27’, they may seem as insignificant to the story but may actually have a point in the plot. Just like ‘Mr. Fanin’ who was seen with the other mystery figure in the last clip after ‘Situs Inversus’ who claimed about Providence that “we won a long time ago. This? This is just maintenance”, but could Mr. Fanin be the CEO or head of corporate giant such as Hamsun Oil or Haven Corporate Services as being called ‘Director’ and told to ‘dig a trench’.

I also think for season 2, we should have some sort of betrayal between Diana and 47, where Diana learns the truth about 47s past and tries to confront him, turning the ICA against him and 47 becoming alone; the ICA becoming merely a pawn of Providence.

But saving best for last; the mystery figure, the one who had the deal with Viktor Novikov in the end clip of the mission ‘Showstopper’, the one who assassinated the ‘messenger’ in the clip after finishing ‘The World of Tomorrow’ to take the key which could only presumably be for the vault in New York as shown in the clip after finishing ‘A Gilded Cage’ and maybe assassinated the Eugene Cobb for his key to access the vault, as the vault does need 2 keys. I hope we see how the mystery figure did all this and what happened to Thomas Cross and whatnot.

However… what I would love to see the most in season 2 is for the mystery figure to team up with Agent 47 to takedown Providence as some major plot twist that pivots the whole entire story. Think about it, the mystery figure knows about Providence and uses Olivia Hall to gather information and intelligence to specific key targets, using the militia in “Freedom Fighters” to takeout Providence members such as alleged ‘Simon Deveraux’, CEO of Biosphere. The mystery figure then disguises himself as the shadow client, using the ICA to takeout prominent and key-targets in Providence, using Erich Soders to get closer to 47 but for him to be only killed in twisted fate by 47 himself, only to still use Olivia Hall to track 47 down, explain what he’s been doing and take down Providence together, but if some ask “then why was he pointing a sniper rifle at him at the end of 'Freedom Fighters?” Okay, so one the sniper rifle was clearly ICA-issue and could be identified as a ‘Jaeger 7’ and two, maybe he was acting as a guardian angel for 47. What if Erich Soders was the mystery figures fixer like Diana is with 47? There’s so many possibilities for season 2 and what could happen but I would really love to see that happen or in perhaps a later season.

Nevertheless, I know this was a lot to read and take in, but I hope you have enjoyed it and feel free to tell me your opinions on anything mentioned in this topic, or to add anything on and to ask me questions about what I’ve wrote and whatnot. Thanks :slight_smile:


Here is a theory: The will announce it at the 2018 E3 :wink:


I don’t know if anyone has suggested it but why not have ratings for the contract.
Like 1 to 5 stars that the player of the contract could leave based on if he liked it or not.


My location predictions for S2 are: England, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Georgia, United States


Moving this here at the request of @Pissfloyd (Thanks for being cool and helpful!)

Features I would love to see…

Settings to disable ALL button prompts
(currently on PC you can do this with mods but actually having an option in settings would be ideal, I know there currently is some form of it but being able to remove "Drag, Subdue, open door…etc maybe even the white outline glow) This would be helpful for those that like to make cinematic videos as well as the purist that wants a complete experience that are familiar with all buttons.

Better dragging
Dragging bodies can be a pain when it’s done on a snails pace. Having the ability to “tap” the drag button to grab them by the wrist or ankle, is fine, be nice if it could be a bit faster. Maybe also having the ability to “hold” the drag button for him to throw them over his shoulder would make things easier and faster.

Human Shield
This is self explanatory, but it would be nice if this was an option. Being able to grab someone, having the guards hold fire and walking towards a door with a human shield only to then either execute them or push them into the guards to be able to make a break for it would be fun. Or if locations need retinal scans grabbing someone could be another option.

Music from radios
In game radios are not part of music settings in options, there is no way to disable them (I’ve got plenty of copyright claims for church music, music in Sapienza kitchen, Hokkaido kitchen…etc. Shooting these radios also doesn’t destroy them. they will fizzle and pop but if you leave the area and come back it magically works again.) As it sits now, if you’re streaming you have to either disable stream sound or run and shut it off in less than 20 secs.

Highlighted Targets and Interrogation
This might not be a popular one but I think it would be better if when using instinct right at the beginning the main target wasn’t highlighted red right away. Diana would give you a round about area to look but wouldn’t know exactly. Instead you’d have to interrogate a guard to get that information, once that is done then they could be highlighted red. Obviously the more you play it the more interrogating might not be necessary as you’d know their routes.

Evading and mantling
When attempting to escape it would be nice if low window frames, or anything waist high, could be done faster. Pulling yourself up on a ledge, speed wise, is fine. However climbing in or out a window should be more fluid, 47 is in peak physical form so climbing through windows shouldn’t be as slow as it is. Sometime the way he climbs through is like he has a roll of mints in his pocket that he doesn’t want broken.

Disguising yourself has head of security
In Marrakesh when you dress as a commanding officer you can dismiss people. It would be nice if you are disguised as head of security you had the same option, maybe not dismiss them but ordering a security rotation to create windowed opportunities.

Blood Stains or Blood Sprays
In absolution guards would react to blood on the floor, would be nice if they did in Season 2 as well, if even only in professional mode.

Playing Dead
This would be an interesting way of infiltrating a compound. By having a guards or NPC’s disguise. They could carry to a body disposable location or a medical/morgue locations.

PC users better SLi and Crossfire support
Currently if you play in DX11 with SLi you get a fairly big performance hit, DX12 works great with SLi, you can manipulate the SLi profile if you know what you are doing but better support would be ideal.

Firing from the hip
It would be good if firing from the hip was actually firing from the hip, currently if you just start firing he raises his gun like he would if he was aiming. Firing a silenced weapon from the hip would also play well to not have people noticing you have a weapon out unless they were in the right angle. So you get less accuracy but more concealment.

Carrying a suppressor as an item
If you infiltrate locations were you can’t be armed having a suppressor as a concealed item would be great, this way when you subdue a guard you can attach your concealed suppressor to his weapon. Maybe the only caveat to this would be once it’s attached it can’t be removed and also any perks wouldn’t exist on the weapon other that silenced.

Having 47 do more than just a light jog, maybe not a full sprint, just an actual run. (Although again he is in perfect physical condition so him sprinting isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.)

Walking on PC
Can we please include allowing the scroll wheel to function as adjusting walking speed. Holding W causes you to walk at full speed so it’s annoying having to stop every few feet. If we can hold W and use the scroll wheel to adjust walking speed then we can walk with the target or NPC. Even if it’s a toggle button for a slower walk.

Photo Mode or Free Cam mode
There is a free cam mod you can use on PC but having something that is fully supported from IO would be great.

This is all I could think of at the moment, if anyone else has ideas for new features in the game list them below or discuss the ones I suggested.

@Lasse_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI @Morten_IOI @Travis_IOI


I agree, this is highly annoying as I usually play with Spotify in the background. A setting to turn off all ambient music would be so wonderful.


Nice job @Tacofist and @Pissfloyd on working together to correct an errant post so agreeably and respectfully. :sunglasses: :+1:

You truly warmed my heart today. :blush: