Season two wishlist / predictions

These are way cooler ideas than what we currently have. I doubt it will change, but I hope they don’t copy and paste the mastery system from S1. It’s been the lamest way to get unlocks out of the entire franchise and has been the biggest joykiller for me in this game.


…why? Why are you against people competing on the main missions?


It’s a personal preference, but I detest the notion of Hitman being treated as a competitive online game. To my mind, a lot of the decisions I dislike about this latest Hitman stem from this design choice (constant rebalancing, ‘nerfing’ of weapons, numerical score rather than previous rating system, etc…). Folk would still be able to compete on the custom-made player contracts, but shift the focus of single player back to the single player.

Also, you can replicate the main missions using Contracts mode (with the exception of destroying the virus in Sapienza).

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Why? Just because you don’t enjoy them? They should keep releasing atleast 1 each week. Don’t care about a reward for them.

Bring back pistol distractions
Don’t nerf the fun stuff
Improve contracts mode
Atleast 2 escalations each week.
Brilliant level design for each lvl ala Paris
Being able to kill a knocked out npc’s with a lethal melee. Doesn’t make any sense that that isn’t possible
More consistent AI behaviour


I don’t think so. If that’s the case, that means that newcomers have to buy Season 1 before they can play Season 2.

Anyway, my wishlist for Season 2:

  • Remove the always online mode. I bought the game, it’s mine. I want to be able to play this game wherever/whenever I want, even without an internet connection or when the HITMAN servers are down.
  • Add a rating at the end of the level (like in old games): Silent Assasssin, mass murderer,…
  • Add useful unlocks that are interesting. I don’t give a fuck about a gold coin, a camo sniper,…
  • Give us a polished experience. Right now, half of the things in this game aren’t working properly. I honestly feel like I’m beta-testing the game for those who are gonna buy the game on a disc. If feels more like an early-access game rather than a polished one.
  • Hire more voice actors. I’m fucking tired of hearing the same 5 voices over and over and over and over and over again.
  • Give us better animations.

I’ve got more to add, but these are my priority wishes right now.


Isn’t that the case for all episodic games?

That’s how Square enix works. F#ck your money, just buy the game and play. It still is a complete game in the end. It’s normal they have to buy season 1 first. Imagene you are playing blood money and it has an episodic release. Do you say f#ck this I don’t want the first 4 missions I’m starting with The murder of Crows. Then you never get the story and game do you. Conclusion: want season 2, buy season 1 first.

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Episodes are not the same thing as seasons. Just compare it to TV shows: if I want to buy Season 2 of The Walking Dead (to name one) on DVD, I don’t have to buy Season 1 first. Why should this be the case for Hitman?

If IOI want Season 2 to sell well, they’re gonna release it as a new game instead of an add on.

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Does the whole walking dead story end at the end of season 1 and then start a completely new story in season 2?

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Usually in TV shows, every season has a different story but there’s also an overarching story that ties all seasons together. With this Hitman game, it’s the exact same thing.

To give another example: Assassin’s Creed I, II, Brotherhood, Revelations and III each have their own story (Altaïr, Ezio, Connor). But they also have an overarching story (Desmond). Does that mean that a gamer who wants to play Assassin’s Creed III has to buy all the previous AC games first? No, so why would it be any different with HITMAN?

Common sense would dictate it will be an expansion on the existing platform, as I cannot imagine IO developing a whole new engine for Season 2. Then again, I still believe the game was intentionally broken in half in order to sell a season one & season two separately, which is what guides my belief that season 2 will be an expansion.

Selling ‘season 2’ as a completely separate game makes no sense. If that’s the case, why not just market it as a sequel? For example, Gears of War 2 was the sequel to GOW, not the second ‘season’, although it was a continuation of the first’s story and character arcs. Unless the label of ‘season’ is being used instead of ‘game’ to justify an incomplete story / lacklustre content, as consumers will (foolhardily) believe their experience will be enriched upon release of future content.

This whole situation is shady as fuck (very shady).


Uh… they did.

[quote=“Platypus, post:26, topic:10681, full:true”]

I don’t think so. If that’s the case, that means that newcomers have to buy Season 1 before they can play Season 2.[/quote]
If future seasons are basically just Episode 7-?, then only Episode 1 might be needed.

Come to think of it, if it is not done this way and each Season is a seperate game, then each Season would need a tutorial level.

Unlikely. I think you can simply just buy S2 seperatly since all data is located server side.

Considering how much IO love making the same gun/knife/explosive/duck over & over & over again, maybe this is the plan; just keep remaking the same game, with the same unlocks and the same features over & over & over.

I think they’re just spreading out the unlocks, since giving the best ones to us this season would ruin any sense of progression as the episodes release. To be honest, I’d rather have a reskinned unlock than no unlock at all :smiley:

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I hope this is the case and that that strengthens the case for S2 as an expansion on the existing package.

Considering the amount of cool shit the forum came up with (or was available in older games), I don’t understand why reskins should be required at all.

Actually the way the engine is setup means they can add new elements and just filter them out of the old contracts. It’s possible they’ll do a proper “expansion” style release, and market it that way. The only other alternative would be requiring users/players to own the “intro” equivalent from season 2.

My personal predictions/wishlist are:

  • An attempt to bring back the briefcase;
  • Overhaul of partial physics;
  • Splitting of behavioural tree data so it can be done a per-mission basis to split the VIP behaviours off (part of a contract overhaul, but also giving both them and us more freedom so we can’t fish for elusives who aren’t visible to us like we can now);
  • Different AI guarding behaviour;
  • A mission in the Northern Territory, Australia;
  • Vague references to the Hitman community being used in the game;
  • Re-cycling of Elusive Target backdrops/settings so they can flesh out the lore (either non-canon or canon hits, but canonical information);
  • A blue duck;
  • A green duck;
  • Them having the encryption tool remove all comments - like totally.

The core components can’t be overhauled unless they have a dedicated 3rd party studio to do that though, especially if the rumour is right and the scripting for Season 2 is already underway.

Yeah, from a technical standpoint, I would think that they will make a secondary foundation (base game) to allow first timers to start from S2 too.