Season two wishlist / predictions


Anyone who’s thinking about adding “passage of time” during missions?:grinning:


We Absolutely need Elevators and maybe some Escalators(it’s really better than Regular stairs)
Dual ballers
Jesper kyd composing again
Better Menu
And I think Briefcase is going to be wishlist for season 2
Cause it’s not coming this season
I’m pretty sure of it now
We better get our first information about season 2 until march 2017
Can’t wait to know what they’re planning


Haha hoe grappig zou het zijn als agent 47 door de straten van Amsterdam loopt om een pooier te vermoorden? :joy:


Looks like my high Street! :laughing:


My biggest wish for Season 2 is that they continue to improve/modify the AI behavior. A good AI is an important part of a stealth game.

Here are my wishes in no-particular order:

  • If you’re trespassing and a non-guard NPC sees you he shouldn’t call the guards and instead escort 47 out himself. Only if 47 is uncooperative or in a hostile area the NPC should call for the guards.

  • The AI should notice blood and enter search mode to investigate the nearby areas.

  • If a CCTV recording is destroyed instead of deleted and a guard sees it, it should cause an alert.

  • Guards at staircases and entrances should remain at their posts even if they’re hearing a noise. Instead they should call a nearby guard to investigate.

  • Not all guards should be able to carry all kinds of weapons. So if 47 walks around in a guard outfit with a sniper rifle or a katana while the other guards only carry pistols, they should notice. Maybe not arresting him outright but at least confiscating the weapon.

  • If several NPCs hear a sound and one of them goes investigates and doesn’t come back the other NPCs should get suspicious.

  • Guards should react to footsteps and turn their heads in the direction of the sound. If you’re wearing the right disguise they should acknowledge your presence and no longer react to your footsteps until you leave the immediate area. In public areas with several NPCs (streets of Sapienza, Hotel exterior, Fashion show) footsteps should be ignored. I’m aware that this would be very hard to implement, especially the first part, but there’s a reason why this is a wish list.

  • If a target with a bodyguard gets sick and runs to the toilet to vomit, the bodyguard should stand in front of the door so that you can’t just walk past him. Being in the toilet should also count as trespassing until the target leaves. Finally, the bodyguard should be able to put two and two together and arrest you if he enters the toilet and sees you only in the room without any sign of the VIP.


I think they should have NPCs wake up after a set amount of time depending on what they’re knocked out with.

Subdue: 4 mins
Melee: 5 mins
Sedative syringe or vial: permanently
Stashed in a hiding place: permanently

MGSV more or less has the same system (except tranquilizer rounds don’t result in permenant knockouts) and it works really well. I’d also like to see if they could have a radio system similar to the one found in MGSV.


damn. why did everyone suddenly go from “its definitely coming in episode 6” to “its not gonna be in season 1”? what changed?


Yes. There is no sense in using the sedative vial now. Subdue should make them unconcious for 5/6 minutes. Then you could re-introduce the sedative syringes and have a proper use for the sedative vial (which should be permanent, given it’s more difficult to use it successfully)


I still think the briefcase will come in Hokkaido. If it wont they’ve really let us down though. They’ve always said that it was coming as an unlock at some point, and it sorta makes sense to have some great unlocks in the last episode, so I actually still think it’ll be in Hokkaido. They just don’t want to spoil it yet (I hope). I cant imagine they’ll save it for season 2.


Nice ideas! :thumbsup: Agree all of these would make the game better and more challenging!

This could be randomized or some rules set for NPCs to either ignore (not all NPCs know if an area is a trespassing zone), or what you mentioned above, or call the guards.

This was incorporated in Splinter Cell: Blacklist and it was awesome! It would be really nice to have this behaviour in Hitman to improve realism and pose better challenges.

We absolutely need this. It’s currently in place at some parts of the game already. A good example that springs to mind, is the target at the cafe in the bonus mission, ‘A House Built on Sand’. There are predefined “pockets” (portion of area) inside the cafe, including the toilet. Each pocket changes to a trespassing zone if the target is inside it, and changes back to “clear” if the target leaves it. This game mechanic has to be consistently and regularly present in all missions.

It’s really funny when you get to poison Viktor (Paris), follow him along with his bodyguard all the way to the toilet, and then eliminate him there. :slight_smile:


please bring back the “shop” feature…
the reason i’m doing custom contracts is because I got “money” from doing them and i can buy better weapons and gears.


My Season 2 wishlist:

Hideout (pls)
Currency system
General improvements to animations
Plate carrying
Reworked soundtrack (excluding the menu theme)
Localised voice acting
Improved physics
Improved AI


My most wanted wishlist is:

Bring back the upgrade system and have money tied to contracts mode.
Let our unlocked suits move over from Season One.
Kill that wall hack bug with guards.

Secondary wishlist

A hideout would be cool as others suggest, maybe let us customize it somewhat with the money we earn.
Everything else.


I’d like to see the following:

  1. Briefcase, this has to be in season 2 atleast! It’s criminal that it wasn’t in the game from the getgo.

  2. Hideout, a place to visit between missions to look at weapons collected.

  3. More variety on soundtrack, ideally Mr Kyd would return but that’s unlikely. Every mission shouldn’t have the same song on loop.

  4. More localised voicing, playing Showstopper and hearing English and American accents from everyone was cringy.


Less bugs or none would be on my wishlist.

  • Better unlocks
  • Better animations
  • More mechanics (human shield etc)
  • Less bugs
  • No purple guns
  • Better sniping (sniper challenge)
  • More blood
  • Better performance with less drops
  • Briefcase
  • Better music
  • Ability to create objectives in contracts (laptops etc)
  • Better loading screen
  • Faster loading times when loading saves
  • Textures load from the start
  • Fixed fibre wire
  • More Animations for each weapon
  • Each weapon having lethal and non lethal
  • Better hand to hand combat options
  • Double takedowns (this would be awesome)
  • Remove need to knock out while on floor
  • Dual weild
  • Add and remove silencer
  • More opportunities
  • More accident kills
  • Difficulty levels
  • Weapon customisation
  • Suit customisation
  • Elevators
  • Plate carrying
  • Ability to use both hands (gun in one FE in other etc)
  • Straps on weapons rather than floating on 47’s back
  • Ability to cancel things like lockpick and subdue
  • Actually having to pick the lock would be nice too
  • Ability to wake up NPCs
  • Turn off taps (why can’t we do this)
  • Less telekinesis more realistic interaction
  • Working metal detectors
  • More ways to move around the environment
  • Subdue/ fibre wire etc seated NPCs

So yeah that’s about it I don’t ask for much :yum:.


Already posted this in another thread but it seems more appropriate here.

I’d like to see some added challenges to bypass like metal detectors, maybe some guard dogs and enemy snipers on certain missions. For unlocks I say beef jerky or some other type of food you can distract, sedate or poison the dogs with.

Some type of transportable EMP device that can be used to temporary disable the metal detectors, cameras, phones and even lights.
I know you can usually find and destroy surveillance systems, but let’s say you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time or just don’t feel like looking for it. The EMP would be useful then. As for the snipers you just gotta keep your cool while in their line of sight.

But then again, depending on the situation, the EMP could kill the lights in the area and block their vision. Also for another unlock, I’m thinking of some type of one-use-only projectile poison weapon. Something that appears incognito and only effective at short to mid range.


Ah yes I will add working metal detectors to my list.


I don’t know man, seems like a pretty small list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I know I will keep adding to it as I go along and try and beef it up a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.