Season two wishlist / predictions


I’d like to see an airport level.

Warning: I’ll edit this whenever I spot a typo or have another idea! Your ideas are welcome as well!

All targets are supposed to board a privat jet reserved for them, their bodyguards, the pilot and the co-pilot, so it’s 100% off-limits for anyone else.
Sadly, coincidentally, the jet is under maintenance and the targets have a bunch of time to kill.

Level-specific Suit

Business Suit
Dark brown Jacket and pants
Black shirt
Black leather gloves
Black leather shoes
Blue tie

##Special Places
• Lost & Found - Lost and forgotten baggage, and other strange things are stored and even showcased here. A statue of Anubis? A clown car? A supposed-to-be magic lamp? How about a guillotine? You can pry open suitcases in this area with a crowbar, getting random items (or nothing) every time. Maybe you’ll even find the rare golden garden gnome! Watch out it explodes on impact! But keep in mind that opening suitcases is a suspicious action.
• Balloon sightseeing tours - This is actually quite a rip off since the balloon only goes up and down to prevent accidents with starting and landing planes. But hey, it’s just two dollars.
Employees get a special 50% discount! Except for you, Jerry, smoke your crap somewhere else!
• Tower - This is where people take responsibility for the lives of others. Hey, what does this button do? What’s this one for? Oooohhh, this one is red and shin- Huh? What’s that, Flight 48? One of your engines caught fire? Have you tried turning it off and on again? Are you sure it’s even installed?

Starting locations

(Not in unlock order, except for the first one)
• Entrance.
• Waiting area, blending in, reading newspaper in one of your suits.
• Lost & Found, disguised as staff member of that area.
• Cafeteria, disguised as staff member of that area.
• Baggage sorting system room thingy. Seriously, what is that called? Y’know, a room full of treadmills like the one we see in Toy Story 2?

Not that gigantic and messy, but you should know what I mean now.
Oh and you start there in your suit, crawling out of a contrabass bag.
• Tower, blending in, disguised as staff member of that area.
• Flowers and Souvenirs Shop, blending in, wearing one of your suits.
• Airport Security room, blending in, disguised as staff member of that area.


• Smelling Salts - Wake up an unconscious person. Like most consumable items, you’ll be provided with 3.
• .38 Revolver - Self-explanatory, you’ve seen one at least once in your life.
• Lupara - An Italian Shotgun.
• Tazer - Melee/close combat weapon. Tazes a person into unconsciousness. Requires some time to recharge after every use.
• EMP Charge - Deactivates all electrical devices in a certain radius, including cameras, radios, TVs, jet controls (hint-hint) and so on for a certain amount of time.
• Briefcase - ERMAHGERD! Hide either a dismantled sniper rifle or a weapon/item that would be found during a frisk search in it. A special padding makes detection by metal detectors and scanners impossible. (Amendment XXV flashbacks guaranteed!)

##New Inventory slot
Aside from the default 2 item slots, you get an additional item slot for the briefcase. Put whatever you want in it (a sniper rifle, a gun, another duck, …) and have it right at the start of the level.
If you decide to bring the briefcase with you. It’ll work like the Agency Pickup, you either use it or not.

##Special Stuff
• Fake suicide bomber outfit (looking like Colorado’s level-specific clothing, but featuring a fake bomb belt) hidden in the toilets.
• An empty gift box big enough for a certain kind of weapon at the Flowers and Souvenirs Shop.
• New game mechanic: Dress up unconscious people by dragging them over a discarded disguise and holding G. Think of the possibilities in other levels. Dressing up Novikov as Vampire Magician, Caruso as the Plague Doctor, Cross as Stalker, Berg or Rose as Scarecrow, only to scare their bodyguards and make them shoot them after you woke them up with the Smelling Salts. And that’s just the story targets. Escalations and Custom Contracts would reach a whole new level.
• New ‘adversary’: Advanced, armored security camera. Can’t be shot, saves recorded footage on a pre-installed hard drive. Requires either hacking (via laptop, taking 10-20 seconds) or EMP Charge to be turned off (the latter only disabling it for some time of course).

Agency Pickup locations

(Not in unlock order)
• Lost & Found (Big)
• Toilets (Small)
• Flowers and Souvenirs Shop (Small)
• Cafeteria (Small)
• Sightseeing balloon tours tool shed (Big)
• Security room (Big)


• Get a target sucked into a jet engine, which requires the right tool, the right disguise and luring the target in front of it (a little similar to the final tutorial mission). Maybe one of the targets is interested in planes and how they work, and you can offer them a little tour.
• Dress up as a balloonist, offer a target a sightseeing flight, then kick them out at a lethal altitude.
• Hide something dangerous (weapon or bomb) or illegal (e.g. contraband taken from a locker in the security area) in a target’s luggage, so security take care of them once they pass the metal detector. The target would either get arrested and put into a cell, separated from their bodyguards and easier to kill OR get shot by security, causing a shootout between security and the target’s (former) bodyguards, maybe the other targets and/or their bodyguards would join the fun.
• Kill each target with a very special kind of baggage at Lost & Found, e.g. an Iron Maiden

(“Who the hell would lose an Iron Maiden!? I mean, this thing is huge and heavy, how can you lose and forget about it!?” - “I don’t know man, just stay away from it, the spikes make me feel uneasy.”)

or a samurai/knight armor + sword/battle axe you can disguise with (Absolution anyone?).
• Fix and sabotage the privat jet so it either explodes when the engines start or simply place a bomb QUACK! and push a button when it’s in the air, killing all targets (+ pilot, co-pilot and bodyguards) at once. Fixing and sabotaging the jet would require you getting the right disguise, finding the right tools (e.g. screwdriver, wrench etc.) and fixing randomly placed spots, then tampering with one of the engines which is ALWAYS a suspicious action. Placing a bomb would be both easier and harder, since you just need a remote explosive but have to get it into the jet which is guarded.
• Kill a target by causing a lethal allergic reaction, e.g. the target is allergic to peanuts, coincidentally, flight catering sells those in packaged form. Put those into the coffee grinder to add some spice to their espresso. To make this a little more challenging, since one of the starting locations is the Cafeteria, you’ll have to find a bag of special coffee beans which will be placed randomly every time you start (e.g. in a suitcase at Lost & Found, requiring a crowbar to open, except when you start there, then it’s somewhere else). This would work like the Fugu opportunity in Hokkaido, so you can make, poison and serve coffee as many times as you want.

Non-opportunity options/challenges

• Drop a lethal amount of baggage on a (or more) target(s).
• Help Flight 48 to land safely by giving them the right instructions as a Tower staff member. Failing makes the plane crash into the Tower.
• Shoot the private jet’s pilot with a sniper rifle when the jet lifts off (MGSV fans might see a reference in that).
Only read after reading the Unlocks and Special Stuff parts Knock out and dress up one of the targets with the fake suicide bomber outfit, then wake them up with Smelling Salts, let them leave the toilet, causing a panic and security to shoot them.
Only read after reading the Special Stuff part Knock out a certain number of guards or all of them while wearing the suicide bomber outfit yourself.
• Do the balloonist opportunity, but increase the gas emission to a critical level so the balloon ascends at a high speed, jump out of the balloon, then shoot it, turning it into a giant fireball. If balloons even work that way.
Only read after reading the Unlocks and Special Stuff parts After (or before) fixing the private jet, get rid of the pilot and co-pilot without killing them. Then place the Lupara in the gift box at the Flowers and Souvenirs Shop. Then, while wearing the level-specific suit, take the now full gift box to the privat jet, go inside, reveal the gift box’ content and get rid of everyone inside the jet). What’s this, another flashback!?
Only read after reading the Unlocks and Special Stuff parts Scapegoat: Dress an unconscious person with your current suit/disguise while being hunted.
• Open a bunch of suitcases with a crowbar, maybe find something special in one of them.
• Please notice me, M’lady: Bump into X women while wearing either the level-specific suit or a disguise that features a fedora, then crouch-run away from them.
• Tamper with one or several metal detectors to electrocute a or multiple targets, security staff member/s or special NPC/s when they pass through it/them.
• Taze all bodyguards, but remain unnoticed.
[Obligatory Coin Tossing Challenge]
• Serve X cups of (poisoned) coffee.
• Also, a Samurai/Knight Challenge Pack.
• Also, an Escalation about blowing up people while in the fake suicide bomber outfit:
Level 1 - Just blow up a target.
Level 2 - More cameras.
Level 3 - One more target. Changing disguise more than once after changing into the suicide bomber outfit fails the mission.
Level 4 - All cameras are now advanced and armored.
Level 5 - Lockdown: Security got an anonymous tip that a suicide bomber is in the building, even catching a glimpse of you while you’re wearing the suicide bomber outfit makes every guard insta-spot and shoot at you. Civilians will trigger the closest fire alarm to inform all guards at once if they see you (they don’t insta-spot you, though, that’d be a little unfair).


You forgot killing seated targets with melee. Agreed on everything else.


Perhaps 47 is trying to get the attention of the Wet Bandits.


I will subdue my target and wake him up repeatedly all day. I like torture kills.


Season 2 just needs a few contracts besides the main mission. IO-created custom contracts.
I don’t mean escalations though because escalations are not my cup of tea after I played a few.

More customization options in Contracts mode.

But, what the next season doesn’t need are the following:

  • Gun distractions
  • Footstep distractions
  • Plate carrying
  • Human shield
  • Blood pool reaction
  • subdued persons being on a timer

I could go on and on :sweat_smile:


A level like A Dance With The Devil.

Just so that 47 can finally pick up the damn briefcase.


So… How do you feel now? lol


Why wouldn’t you want these?

@VitaminD I added it if I add much more I will repost it, how awesome would the game be with all that in it??

@uberpoisedmortal I know right it would be good fun.


As long as the levels have the quality of Hokkaido and Sapienza and not the one of Marrakesh or Colorado I’m fine.

And if they keep adding some mechanics, even better.


That’s fine if they just add more missions but don’t expect people to pay full price for what would basically be DLC. If they are going to charge full price they need to be making some serious improvements to the game IMO.

  1. Gun distractions can be used as exploits. That’s the only reason.

  2. The footstep exploit in BM was the worst part of the game by far. That’s why I am happy that not everyone turns around when you suddenly start running in the new HITMAN.

  3. It would be fun to hide weapons on it or whatever, but it to me it absolutely has no advantage in gameplay whatsoever.

  4. Same here. I don’t think using people as a human shield fits the HITMAN gameplay. It’s nice to have the option though. I just don’t need it.

  5. I explained it in another thread, but here is the short version:
    If the guards only notice the blood pool, search the area and nothing else happens the player gains nothing from that mechanic. It only slows him down, if he is hiding in that area. You know? It doesn’t improve or enhance the gameplay in any way. It’s just there for immersion purposes and that’s it.
    It’s a different story when implemented differently though.


I seriously doubt there will be serious serious improvements badum tss Mainly because, since they are seasons with episodes, the changes need to have an effect on previous episodes.

Unless they release it like a full separate game, but I expect that if you access the game you will choose between Season 1 levels and Season 2 levels. Of course you could play Season 2 without the first if you want to.


Yes and what’s wrong with that? The changes should mostly be stuff that works across the board. If they are using the same engine and everything else I don’t see why adding features and improvements to features would be a problem.

@Wesker I don’t see a problem with being able to distract guards with a pistol if everyone can do it? I kind of agree with the blood pools though. They need to follow a trail of blood etc to add meaning and challenge to it. If you shot someone and drag them to the cupboard the guard should follow the blood and find the body etc.


I was thinking it would be nice to have a feature where NPCs notice disguises lying about on the floor (not the ones there as part of missions). If a body is hidden inside a crate or closet first and then 47 takes his disguise, the original disguise should be left inside the crate or closet and not on the floor. This would make the game more challenging as the player would be more strategic in his/her approaches towards missions.


Yes I like this idea it could add an extra challenge to the game on higher difficulties. I think it needs to be added in so that if the disguise is found your disguise is then blown.


Same with blood pools. They could add both things in a more difficult mode. But still, what would happen? A guard sees your original suit on the floor and then what? Or they see blood and maybe patrol the area for like a minute, but it wouldn’t change the gameplay much.

One thing I’d really like to make a return is the newspapers at the end of the mission, like in Blood Money. Or just something like that. It was fun to read “Bloodthirsty psychopath kills 120 people in a casino” hahaha The present score screen is a bit boring.


I guess the gun distractions are not as bad as the footstep exploits. I’ll give you that! :slight_smile:

It would certainly look and feel neat. BUT IO would basically destroy the gameplay mechanic of shooting people.
Because then you would have no way of hiding bodies. Mopping the floor? :wink:
I definately see why so many people want the feature so badly but the more you think about the more this mechanic falls apart imo


I don’t think it would destroy it but it would make it very limited. I think it’s something that should be implemented with difficulty settings so you can choose to have that extra layer or not to. You would have think about your approach more and only shoot people in secluded areas where nobody goes. It would actually be cool that if there was a nearby mop you could use it to clean the blood. They allowed you to clean stuff up with a cloth and a mop in Bangkok so they could implement it across the board if they wanted to but for blood pools.


That’s a good question. I was thinking of the following options.

  1. If the disguise is of a unique NPC, like Helmut or the Sheikh, the guard noticing it should start a big-time search (70% chance) looking for the missing person along with other guards who join in. This would include communication among themselves and looking into hiding spots, and would go on for the duration of the mission from that point.
    The guard noticing it can also search for the missing person for maybe a minute or so (30% chance) and then assume that the person has probably gone to take a bath, or it was nothing major and go about his business.
    Another guard noticing the disguise, who hasn’t been involved in the search earlier, goes through the point 1 phase again.

  2. If the disguise is of a usual NPC, like a waiter or a guard, the guard noticing it should magically know who is missing and start a search lasting 3-5 mins (50% chance). The search area would be like a 400 sq.m area (circular area with 20 m radius) as an example, and the guard(s) would go about communicating and looking into hiding spots within this area. The search is called off after the predetermined duration.
    The guard noticing it can also call another guard (50% chance) and check with him on a missing person, and then based on a random response, either start a search or do nothing.
    Another guard noticing the disguise, who hasn’t been involved in the search earlier, goes through the point 2 phase again.

  3. If the disguise is that of 47, ideas specific to missions have to be thought of and incorporated.

A civilian noticing the disguise would, of course, run to a guard and one of the above points happens. :slight_smile:


But isn’t that the point? Get in close and use fiber wire for a clean kill, or move further away and shoot, but you may possibly leave evidence behind? That’s one feature I adored about BM, unless you isolate the target, there is every chance someone will see the blood smears and find the body!

As for plate carrying - it could invite new opportunities which I’m down for, a la ‘Meat King’s Party’.

Human shield is a bit of a strange one as I want it more for rampages than I do for general gameplay; would still be nice to have it implemented.