Season two wishlist / predictions


Maybe finding a large puddle of blood could count as crime being noticed?

That way Melee weapons and guns are still useful, because you can kill NPCs from a distance/faster but it would also makes the neck snap and the fiber wire more useful.


Definitely agree on the newspapers - I’m glad they’re slowly updating the tile system and giving the loading screens a bit more character, but they still feel stale in comparison to BM’s personalised newspapers (plus they were a great way to show some dark humour).


Tbh I dont really care about the briefcase, but i think it sucks that they didnt deliver. They should have said at some point that it wasnt coming

  • Visible wire
  • Briefcase
  • Human shield
  • Plate carrying
  • Inproved animations across the board
  • Less reskinned unlocks
  • Better guns (not purple)
  • Improved load times and optimisation

I could go on but just seeing these things would be nice. Knowing IO they won’t even manage this come season two.


Heel grappig, vind de nieuwe hitman beetje te sandbox achtig ik mis een target editor waarbij je zelf je doelwitten kunt plaatsen


Before this they should focus on the AI


I want more cutscenes in season 2. Instead of having the cutscene briefing, I think there should be a story related cutscene both before and after a mission.

Can’t wait to see more of the SC too. “I play dirty, that’s how you defeat a stronger opponent.” Love him.


But… isn’t this what we have now?


Did u read my post matey


@borek921 right now we only have the briefing and the post-mission cutscene.


Me too and more of 47 and the shadow client, I can’t believe we have seen so little of 47 :sob:.


Maybe a newspaper recap? Just saying. :slight_smile:


That would be cool. There could also be a “previously on HITMAN” at the beginning (showing clips from previous cutscenes) and a “next time on HITMAN” at the end (showing a short teaser of the next episode). Stretch this episodic release for all they can huehue. Make it like a TV show :stuck_out_tongue:


Kind of like driver San Francisco if you ever played that game :slight_smile:


I’d quite like to see the context sensitive actions improved somehow. I hate every time I jump off of a drain pipe & go to hang on to a ledge & 47 jumps back on the drain pipe because the prompts seemingly have a set distance that is maybe too wide? Or that you can be in place for the action but the correct prompt hasn’t changed(maybe it’s too slow to change?) so you perform the wrong action. Same for the subdue/punch in face problem.


Same for picking up two items that are close together, say I put a gun down & go to pick up a coin but the prompt changes & I pick up the gun again. Is this my problem or is it to finicky?


Can someone clarify what is meant by pistol/gun distractions? Are we talking about bullet impact sounds? Leaving guns out to be picked up still works…


Yeah I’m sure they mean bullet impact sound.


Shooting the floor next to an NPC to distract them is what people are referring to :slightly_smiling_face:.


I think most people have already given the most obvious ones such as weapon or suit customisation, so I’ll try to think of different ones,

Shooting through peepholes in doors when someone comes to answer it. Let’s say you knock on the door or ring the bell, you can press the gun up against the peephole and fire through it when prompted.

Instead of having the briefcase only, it’d be nice if we could use backpacks or small crates to store weapons in and carry them about. It doesn’t make much sense for 47 to be dressed as a tourist carrying a briefcase.

Enclosed maps like Paris should have starting areas such as safe houses. Although I would like it if every mission had a safe house.

Bigger storage cases. Instead of being able to fit a single sniper rifle in one large cases, we should be able to store a sniper rifle and two small weapons/items inside them. Or five small weapons/items inside a large if you choose to (I play contracts quite a lot and it gets kind of frustrating having to choose between a sniper rifle, a lockpick, poison or explosives, it’d be nice to have multiple choice).

More storage locations. Instead of one storage case in one location, it’d be nice to have multiple cases.