Season two wishlist / predictions


Literally all I want.


Story is not necessary, it could just be loose contracts linked to a currency system. It’s a hitman simulator afterall. This would imply:

  1. Currency system (like in Hitman: Codename 47, penalties for bodies found etc.).

  2. Hideout where you can collect and try out equipment (can be a hotel suite or home). Maybe you can upgrade location if you earn enough.

  3. Make weapons/suits collectable from the different levels or buyable and make them transfer to hideout and preparation screen.

  4. Better post mission evaluation (like in Silent assassin and Blood Money, maybe a mix) linked to the currency system. Lose money for cleanup actions when you get spotted, leave bodies, get recorded, …

  5. More weapons (with upgrades) including weapons previously seen in the series:
    -Briefcase sniper
    -Dragunov Sniper
    -Dual Silverballers

Other adds:
Plate carrying
Human shield
Double Kills (in previous hitman it was possible to kill 2 targets with 1 bullet)
Localised voice acting with English subtitles


A mission hub in a hotel would be cool, especially if you could create contracts in it. :smiley:

No mission specific targets, just a ‘playground’ to experiment with different equipment/strategies.

Like the church in Hitman 2, if there had been more monks wandering around.

The ICA traing bit was just so odd. Cardboard sets and actors?! WTF?! :confused:


Don’t forget breath when hide/zoom!!!


Here’s one thing that no one mentioned so far: Monologues.

I loved the monologues of 47 whenever we reached a new location in the old Hitman titles. Sure we now have Diana who gives us the briefing + tells us about the location but I kinda miss that small bits of 47’s character.

‘Rotterdam harbor, not exactly a tourist resort, but then again, I’m not here for a vacation either.’


It would be nice to get more dialogue from 47. Hopefully he will be in more of the cutscenes in S2.


For season 2 I want to see some old missions just how they build Sarajevo six they should blend old missions storyline plot featuring lee hong , drug lord Pablo, gunrunner Boris, Fuchs brothers Creators of agent 47. Hitman:Contracts dark theme would be nice if they add hopefully. Finally want to see some of my fav missions from hitman universe in season 2:- 1- Meat Kings Party.
2- Beldingford Manor. 3- Redezvous in Rotterdam. 4- BjarkhovBomb. 5- Tubeway Torpedo. 6- Tracking Hayamoto. 7- Tunnel Rat. 8- Terminal Hospitality. 9- Flatline. 10 - Murder Of Crows. 11 - House Of Cards.


Strip Club .that all


Yeah the church / shed were really nice in Hitman 2. I spent so much time just looking at weapons and trying them out in that area. Sweet memories! Re-installed it yesterday!


I’ve been re-watching Arnie’s movies lately and these are all I want. Hardballer Longslide (from The Terminator) with scope (and or laser) in the color scheme of Hitman 2

Podburin 9.2mm (from Red Heat) which is a mocked up Desert Eagle. Should be called “The Annihilator”.


I’m calling it. NPC dialogue reveals what happened to 47’s briefcase.

“Goddamnit Allan. The ICA ordered a custom design for this case and you can’t even get the specs right. This logo needs more engraving. More details here Allan!”


The thing I want most from season 2 is a release date.


I would like to have a some kind of training area like in Hitman: Contracts where we have a shooting range and our stuff sorted like that:

Must be nothing fancy. Just a small area where we can try and collect our unlocked items.


IO, please cover these three things in S2 for me

  1. More big city-like maps.
  2. Offline mode with progress and unlocks.
  3. Briefcase :wink:


The offline unlocks and progress bothered me until my internet finally got working. If I didn’t have working internet it would almost be a deal-breaker, were the game not so addicting even without starting equipment.


Return the split screen from blood money, you know when something happens or you get spotted by a camera. And briefcase of course, which we can also use as a meele weapon. And a bazooka!


NPCs should lock the door when they use a toilet, it’s more realistic and makes them less easier to exploit, 47 should also be able to do this giving him more time, at one point the enmies will kick the door in. And the kid who annoyed 47 in the plane with his rubber duck should be grown up by now and become a target in season 2.


Please no, I really like people being knocked out perminantly. I hated it in Hitman 2 when you were carefully trying to complete a mission and someone would wake up and ruin everything. I like being able to take my time in missions and having to hurry like this would be fustrating.


WHAT?! Is this real?!

Edit: ok, most likely fake.


Wrong thread. This belongs to ‘Hitman Fan Art’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: