Season two wishlist / predictions


I hope it’s fake cause the briefcase looks silly.


Confirmed fake.

My heart.


The person who made this deserves to die.


Strangled to death by an invisible fiber wire while listening to a recording of the carpet vendor’s voice lines. :smiling_imp:


Another wish, when you start making trouble police will come to investigate, when you cause more, swat will come. Not too many, just to make it more realistic, giving the feel that your in an actual place connected to the world. NPC should call police. Imagine if swat comes to the paris level and blocks the entrance, you have more difficulties escaping, that is the punishement for playing this way. Reminds of Hitman contracts intro.


I’d like an anywhere blend mode. It wouldn’t protect against enforcers but make 47 not just stand there for long periods of time. He could lean against a wall with his phone out or something. Right now for a supposed assassin perfectly blending in it looks silly waiting for a long time. Leaning would lookmore natural


New seasion 2 screenshot leaked! Briefcase confirmed!! Download before IOI takes it down!


The Season 2 Pre-Order suit looks sweet. Even better than the Requiem suit.


Where is the pre-order suit?


They just playing with you. No suit or news about this.


That’s what I thought


I would love to have a little “hideout” again. That was so awesome in H2, Contracts and BM.

Like you said, nothing fancy, hell… Id settle for another dump like in BM :joy:

Just a nice little area where we can target practice and have all our weapons on display and actually see and interact with them. Rather than scrolling though a weapon list :confused:


Nitpicking incoming! :scream:

I’m replaying the old Hitman games at the moment and I think the barcode in HITMAN is a bit too small. Or is it just me? Since a picture says more than thousand words, here’s a direct comparison between the original and a modified one:

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


I think part of that is the numbers that should be beneath it are missing in this one. Seems like they fip flop on whether to include them from game to game. The barcode numbers had a large role in the aesthetic of Absolution’s marketing / HUD / menus, so maybe it’s part of their overall distancing themselves from that game. I’d like to see them return personally, just having a set of lines isn’t quite as interesting and removes some of the character’s history.


I think if they just used the Sapienza ICA safehouse. I’d be happy with just that.


Aren’t you guys used to 47 being different in each game by now? The only thing static about him is his voice actor and haircut. Suits change, barcodes change, body type, walking style, everything, each game does it differently. Barcode in HITMAN applies to that rule as well.


Of course and that’s exactly the reason why I posted that suggestion here.


Unfortunately it’s a result of shortening his arms. His barcode had to match proportionately!:wink:


As for my wish list, I hope they bring back human shield for season 2. I didn’t use it all that much in past games. But it was very useful for when I did.

I remember playing A New Life one time and was just messing around, towards the end as I made my way to the exit, I got my cover blown and grabbed the jogger hostage, as I slowly backed towards the exit gate lol tossed him and exit :laughing:


You have a problem with Autodesk Human IK? :stuck_out_tongue: