Seasons pass hitman2 doesn’t work

Hi everyone , I’d like to know why it’s not possible to me play the seasons pass of hitman 2 ( New York mission for example ) I bought already in PlayStation store , so must be work . let me know please. Thanks in advance who’ ll gave me the correct answers.

@Travis_IOI please assist.

Owning the Expansion Pass lets you download the expansion dlcs. So you can go ahead and install the expansion dlcs by searching for their names in the store. The Expansion dlcs don’t auto download so you need to open up PS Store, search for the name of the dlc and then install.

For example, if you want to download the bank mission then you need to search for ‘Hitman 2 - New York’, in the store.

There are 10 Expansion Pass dlcs that you need to install through the PS Store by searching for their dlc names.

The 10 dlcs are
  • Locations: New York & Haven Island.
  • Sniper Assassin Mode: Hantu Port & Siberia.
  • Special Assignments Pack 1 & Special Assignments Pack 2.
  • Winter Sports Pack, Smart Casual Pack, Executive Pack & Collectors Pack.

You can read a post similar to yours here, and as you can see the solution is to searvh for the dlcs manually in PS Store then install tvem

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