Secret kills in H3

So since I cannot connect to the game right now I though why not create a new thread.

Has anyone found some cool secret special kills ine game yet? Like in H1 in Sapienza the Virus in the breakable ship-model to kill De Santis?

I just found out thanks to the help of a member here you can manipulate the railing of the balcony in the penthouse in Dubai to make Ingram fall to his death from his balcony as he leans against it, when doing the assassin story line as he follows you out to that balcony when you go out (you must go yourself otherwise he will stay inside)

Also in Dartmoor you can make Alex either commit suicide if you lie to her about Zacharys death being suicide OR have her being killed by Emma with poison if you tell her the Butler did it and also fixed the poison creator in the greenhouse before.

Any more you found?

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What is considered a secret kill?

In Berlin, you can pose as the club owner and call Montgomery in for a talk. He brings 5 ICA agents and knows you are 47, not Hirschmüller, but plays along. Quick way to get 5 agents at once.
Obviously Hirschmüller was supposed to help Grey and 47 out, but that name did not ring any bells for me


I’d consider any killl that is not completely obvious alone from challenges or redacted or completely hidden like the sapienza one to be hidden.

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