Sekiro shadows die twice


Setting up a hype thread for this. Can’t wait. What y’all thought of the trailer?


the dying and opening door animations are so fromsoft :roll_eyes:


They are reused from dark souls 3


I’m really excited for this game


I recall the trailer they had before, and some people saying it’d be a new Tenchu! And looks like there are stealth elements, and of course, that instant-zip grappling hook! New Tenchu Confirmed! :sunglasses:


its a new ip…


Yeah. I should’ve said “Tenchu” since it appears to have similar gameplay aspects. Like how Shinobido was very similar to Tenchu, but not in the same universe. And there’s nothing like an ‘Azuma Ninja Clan’ (or any of the characters from the game) in this. If there were, it’d be the first thing they’d show. …Just, this will get you your “Tenchu” fix. :smile:


Vaatividya hasn’t made a video on this yet


I’m most excited for the new combat. Looks like you can use your hook to fly towards enemies and hit them and what’s with that hat shield lol.
And of course stealth. Fucking air takedowns. From soft making a game with stealth. I’m in heaven. The setting does nothing for me yet but I’m open to something new.


Wow. This game looks cool. Another ninja game. I wonder how it will stack up against Ghost. This combat looks very interesting, quick and dynamic but not overly done.


It’s as if Nioh and Ghosts of Tsushima had a baby! :thinking:

Still excited, tho. From’s track record precedes them.